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What is population change? Describe in a flow model.

The change in the size of the population is called population change.
Flow model of population change: -

·      Birth
·       Migration (Incoming)
Population increases due to birth and incoming migration.

·       Death
·       Migration (Outgoing)
Population decreases due to death and outgoing migration.

What is demography?

Demography is the scientific study of the population. It is composed of two Greek words 'Demos' which means 'people' and 'graphien' which means 'to describe' or 'study'.

When was the first census taken in Nepal?

The first census was taken in Nepal in 1911 A.D. (1968 B.S.)

Mention the use of VRS.

Researcher, students, teachers can get current data from VRS.

Mention the type of census operation.

The types of census operation are: -
  • De facto method.
  • De jure method
  • Modified De jure method.

Write down an environmental factor of population growth.

An environmental factor of population growth is the climate.

Write any two social factors of population decrease.

Any two social factors of population decrease are: -
  • Illiteracy
  • Diseases

Write two factors affecting fertility.

Any two factors affecting fertility are: -
  • Social factors e.g.: Illiteracy, Polygamy, etc.
  • Economic factors e.g.: Poverty, unemployment, etc.

Mention two environmental aspects affected by RPG (Rapid Population Growth).

The two environmental aspects affected by RPG are:
  • Deforestation for agriculture and settlement.
  • Natural environment problems like flood, landslide, etc. may occur.

Write down the effects of bias in population growth in Nepal.

There is gender bias in Nepal. Due to it, people give more priority to a son child which leads to high birth.

Mention an area affected by migration.

An area affected by migration is: Environmental aspect such as deforestation, Natural disasters, overuse of chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

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