Regional balance in Development

Regional balance in Development

Regional balance in Development

What is a regional balance in development?

Ans = Regional balance in development is an important condition for the smooth and harmonious development of a country. It does not imply equal development in all the regions of the country. Rather, it indicates the utilization of development potential of all areas or regions as per its capacity so that it benefits all the inhabitants of the country. It leads to overall economic growth. Regional balance in development balances the demand and supply side of population, environment and their aspects.

How does regional balance in development support equitable distribution of development?

Ans = Regional balance in development implies a uniform distribution pattern of the planned investment among different regions of a country. Regional balance demands distribution of investment in such a way so that the regional rates of growth in different parts of the country are equally achieved. It eliminates the disparity between regions prevailing in the country. It helps to focus on backward areas and urges the people to the path of overall development of the country in the areas of trade, industry, commerce, infrastructures, and agriculture as well. It promotes the facilities in different areas so that every people of every class and group can entertain. In this way, regional balance in development supports equitable distribution of development.

How does construction work affect the environment?

Ans = Construction works affect the environment directly or indirectly. During the process, the use of resources can go excess and over the carrying capacity of the Earth. During the quarrying and mining process, it creates noise pollution in the environment. While transporting goods and equipment, it releases pollutants in the air. Heavy extractions of resources lead to an imbalance in the ecosystem. It even wards off the wildlife and degrades biodiversity. Construction works also affects the environment until the long run. It keeps on releasing chemical substances in the atmosphere. It leads to loss of habitat and population pressure in that area.

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