Business Studies Class 11 Syllabus

Business Studies – XI

Full marks: 100                                                               Teaching hrs: 150
Course Contents

Unit I: Introduction of Business                                      LH10
·         Concept of Business
·         Characteristics of Business
·         Components of Business
·         Functions and objectives of Business
·         Importance of Business
·         Social Responsibilities of Business ( investors, consumers, employees, community, and government)

Unit II: Evolution and Foundation of Business                   LH10
·         Evolution of Business
·         Considerations before starting a new business
·         Requisites of Business success
·         Business Environment: Concept and components ( internal and external)

Unit III: Forms and Business Organizations

A.    Sole Trading concern       LH8
·         Concept of Sole Trading concern
·         Characteristics of Sole Trading concern
·         Merits and demerits of Sole Trading concern
·         Registration and Renewal of Sole Trading concern in Nepal

B.    Partnership Firm         LH17
·         Concept of Partnership Firm and partners
·         Characteristics of Partnership Firm
·         Difference between Sole Trading and Partnership
·         Merits and demerits of Partnership Firm
·         Types of Partners
·         Rights and Duties of Partners
·         Partnership Deed: Meaning and Contents
·         Registration and Renewal of Partnership Firm in Nepal
·         Dissolution of Partnership Firm in Nepal

C.     Joint Stock Company                   LH25
·         Concept of Joint Stock Company
·         Characteristics of Joint Stock Company
·         Merits and demerits of Joint Stock Company
·         Types of company
·         Difference between private and public limited Company
·         Main documents for the incorporation of Joint Stock Company: Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and Prospectus
·         Incorporation of Joint Stock Company in Nepal
·         Company meeting; Preliminary General Meeting. Annual General Meeting and Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
·         Agenda and resolution
·         Winding – up of Joint Stock Company

D.    Cooperative Organizations                                  LH10
·         Concept of cooperative organization
·         Features of cooperative organization
·         Types of Cooperatives
·         Role of Cooperatives in Developing countries
·         Registration of Cooperatives in Nepal
·         National Cooperative Development Board : Formation and its Functions

E.     Public Enterprises                                        LH10
·         Concept of public enterprises
·         Characteristics of public enterprises
·         Importance of public enterprises
·         Types of public enterprises: Departmental Undertaking, Public Corporations and Government Company

F.     Multinational Company                                   LH5
·         Concept of multinational Company
·         Characteristics of Multinational Company
·         Importance of Multinational Company
·         Defects of Multinational Company

G.    Business Support Agencies in Nepal                                       LH5
·         Nepal Chamber of Commerce: Formation and Functions
·         Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries(FNCCI): Formation and functions
·         Export and Trade Promotion Center(ETPC): Introduction and functions

Unit IV: Office Management                                                           LH5
·         Concept of an office
·         Functions of an office
·         Importance of Office
·         Concept of Office Management
·         Importance of Office Management
·         Office accommodation and Layout

Unit V: Filing and Indexing                                                 LH15
·         Concept and Purpose of filing
·         Importance of filing
·         Types of filing: Traditional and Modern
·         Methods of filing: Alphabetical, Numerical, Geographical, Chronological, and Subject wise
·         Qualities of a good filing system
·         Concept and Purpose of Indexing
·         Types of indexing
·       Qualities of Good Indexing

Unit VI: Records Management        LH5
·         Concept of Records Management
·         Importance of Records Management
·         Types of Records
·         Principles of Records Management
·         Retention and Disposal of Records

Unit VII: Office Machines and Furniture                         LH5
·         Office Machines: Meaning and Importance
·         Office Furniture: Meaning and Importance
·         Factors to be considered for selecting an office Machines and Furniture

Unit VIII: Business Communication                             LH20
·         Concept of Business Communication
·         Importance of communication
·         Sources of Office information: Internal and External
·         Types and Means of Communication
·         Meaning of Business Letter
·         Structure of Business letter
·         Qualities of Good Business Letter
·         Drafting of Business Letters in English : Inquiry, Order, Complaint, and Application letters.

Evaluation Scheme
       Student’s performance will be evaluated on the basis of following the structure of Questions to be administered in the examination.
Nature of
Total Questions to be asked
Required number of questions to be attempted.

A.      Short Answer
B.      Long Answer

10 (ten)

3 (three)

8 (eight)

2 (two)

8 for each

18 for each



Total marks

Note: Question relating to the drafting of a business letter should be asked under Group ‘A’ Short Answer Question.

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