Fear | Class 11 English notes

Fear Summary in Short


Fear | Class 11 English notes

Armando Gonzalez entered a large bank in the maxico city in order to withdrew 50,000 pesos. He handed a withdrawal slip and passbook to the bank teller and demanded money in cash. However, the bank teller started counting the money in such a loud manner that Armando grew nervous. Out of nervousness he started playing with his hat. As the teller finished counting, he grab the money and put in on the front pocket of baggy pant. But unknowingly he put his hat on backward and made his appearance and look a pot. He realized that everyone was looking at his constantly. But he mistakenly thought that they were looking at the bundles of notes he had kept in his pocket. Armando also realized that a heavy man looked at him twice. Being nervous he got out of the bank and waited for the bus thinking of buying a new house for his house Eva.

As he thought to take the bus, he was surprised to see the same heavy man makes to him. He thought the man was following him. Meanwhile the bus came he got into it hurriedly. He took a seat just at the back of the driver. However, he was totally puzzled to see the same heavy man boarding the bus. Armando didn’t want to turn back and look at him. He saw the heavy man through the mirror of the driver. A while later, he happen to see the three boys talking to the same heavy man. He pull cord and got off in a very lonely place. He felt comfortable hopping that he was the only person to get off the bus. To his great surprise, he saw the three boys getting off in the same place. A feeling of cold and hot ran into his spine. When he thought that they would hold him and take away his money. As he saw that the three boys moved towards him, he let out a terrified cry and started to run widely. He felt to the ground but still ran fast in order to save himself. Untimely, he was caught by the three boys who let him know that he was completely safe. For the first time, he didn’t feel uncomfortable and this time he use his both hand to put his hat on straight.

1) Why did Armando have an idea that everyone in the bank was watching him? What was truth?

Answer:  Armando, a simple and poor man had never seen a large sum of money at a time in his life. So, he was a little uncomfortable right from the beginning he entered the bank. He knew that anything could happen to him because of the amount he was going to withdrew. His un comfort was turned into great doubt by the way the bank teller counted the money. Out of his nervousness, he played with his hat and put it on backward unknowingly. In fact, he looked quite staring with the hat on backward position, which easily drew the attention of all towards him. However he mistook it and thought that they were looking at his money he has kept in his pocket. In fact, the truth behind the look of everyone at him was nothing but awkward position of his hat he made himself.

2) What happens to Armando he was about to leave the bank?

Answer: He was very much nervous by the way the women counted the money. He suspected that she was perhaps giving the information to others about how much money he was going to withdrew. Moreover, the constant look of other people along with the double of the heavy man made him even more nervous and terrified. He could feel some physical disturbance in him. He was so panic-stricken he mount went to dry and there was volcanic sound about erupt in his stomach. Similarly, his palms were sweaty and he could hear the beating of his heart. As he pulls the door to leave, he slipped was about to fall down. He came out hurriedly and waited for his bus.

3) Do you thinks we sometimes make think worse rather than better when we get nervous? Explain it.

Answer: Nervousness is the state of mind when it reacts more than necessary. Such extreme reaction in mind towards the external phenomenon is evoked by a certain situation. During nervous situation, a person concern never agree with his own physical disturbance. It can also be exposed in term of physical appearance. The nervous person may act more than necessary, felt to speak properly or his ears go burning and so on. He tries to keep that he is not nervous and likes to involve himself in other activities. But the more he does, the more he spoils the situation goes beyond control. It is only the worst situation that makes him realize he is nervous. There is a correlation between the mind and activity, the situation always but of control or worst.

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