Keeping Things whole | Class 11 English notes

Keeping Things whole Summary in Short

keeping things whole

Keeping Things whole | Class 11 English notes

Keeping things whole” has been composed by mark Strand, a Canadian poet. In this poem, he pleads for wholeness against usual fragmentation that goes on in human life. The poet imagines that he has lost his identity in crowed world. In fact the world is getting more and more crowded. As a result of the rapid population growth. Moreover, it is getting more and more industrialized with the help of new advancement in science and technology. Similarly, people have been busy like machine and running here and there for benefits. They don’t have time to share the feeling of pain and pleasure with others. They are totally deprived of the feeling like love, humanity, mercy and so on.

The poet observes that the world is equally shared by other creatures as well. As it doesn’t only belong to human beings. They need to build a harmonious relationship with the rest of other creatures for their survival. Nature has endowed all the creatures with their own respective places for their survival. So, disinterring displacing other creatures signifies the break of a single link from the total chain of eco-system. Likewise, survival of plants and their preservation is equally a matter of great consideration for the maintenance of ecology. As human beings are the most intelligent creatures, it is their responsibility to make the ecosystem run smoothly.

The poet believes that everyone has right to make progress in his/her life. However, it should result from the harm of others. I case of doing so, fragmentation can result in human life. So long as fragmentation are not stopped. Survival for life would non be easier at all.

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