Look at A teacup | Class 11 English notes

Look at A teacup Summary in Short

look at a teacup

Look at A teacup | Class 11 English notes

In a look at a teacup “, Hampl reads the history of her mother in a dedicate teacup The essay shows how writing is a way of finding out what one has to say of discovery significance in minor events and of making the association between seemingly disparate elements. Hampl, the daughter has been able to escape history by refusing to carry on old traditions like marry and bear children. The teacup which Hampl has as a token of love from her mother was bought in 1929, The beginning of the second world war. Although it was a discontinued pattern, it was on sale. Hampl recalls that 1929 was the time when her mother gets married to an American Czech. The teacup doesn’t bear any decoration on the outside surface. However, there was a picture of following followers inside it which doesn’t create any pattern at all. Moreover, the teacup bears the stamp of Czechoslovakia. Hampl, the brawl of the modern concept believes that she had a long discussion with her mother on different topics of marriage, they were different from each other. As her mother was a traditional woman, she thought that marriage should be the ultimate goal of every woman. But, she was a great source of inspiration to Hampl because she had lived throughout the second world war and had carried history in her. But she didn’t want to mention anything about her personal life along with the condition of the second world war to Hampl at all.

According to Hampl, like her mother, the teacup also escapes the destructive aspect of the 2nd world war and has carried history on it. She relates the teacup to the condition of the 2nd world war and attempts to discover significance in it. She was been able to understand the meaning of several destructions caused by the 2nd world war, with the help of falling flowers. Moreover, the mother under completion would highlight some of the changes that appeared after the 2nd world war.

Hampl thinks that everything holds significance in it. But it depends on how you look at it. The souvenirs of our forefather can tell many thing about them if only we attempt significance of them.

1) The cup is a small detailed and uncharred finger from the mid bonfire. Discuss it.

Answer: The phrase mid-century bonfire refers to the destructive aspect of the 2nd world war which lasted for 6 yrs. The destructive wave of the war took away everything that stood in its way. However, the teacup which was bought in 1939, the beginning of the 2nd world war escaped the explosion or destruction of the war and hence remain safe bearing entire history on it like a teacup, Hampl’s mother also lived throughout the 2nd world war and carried the inter history on her. However, she won't want to mention anything to her daughter about her personal life and the condition of the war. She would only have her token of love whenever Hampl used to visit her mother. Among several gifts, the teacup was the most significant token of love given to Hampl by her mother.

Hampl, a girl of modern concept, was very much interested to have an oral explanation from her mother about her life along with the events of the war but she felt in her attempt to make her mother expose her personal life orally. So, she got compiled to study the teacup relating to the events of the particular time. Although Hampl couldn’t make the total information the teacup supported to know many things about the world's war.

In fact, the 2nd world war caused great havoc throughout Europe. Besides claiming the lives of people, it created a negative attitude in human beings towards the work. Similarly, some of the destruction becomes irreparable for a human being. It didn’t leave anything in terms of destruction. Hampl, who was interested in all these things, knew that her mother was living history. She was the representative of the status of the entire married women of Europe. But, Hampl couldn’t make expose about the status of women at all. So, she could resource the teacup which has detail information like her mother.

2) What do you mean by “ Many things fell that year”?

Answer: Hampl, who posses the teacup as a token of love from her mother, knows very well that the things that took place throughout the war were very significant. Being curious, she attempted to have an oral explanation from her mother but felt in her all attempts. When she looks at a teacup. Keenly placing it on the kitchen table. She realizes that it contains a picture of falling flowers. She realizes that the fall symbolizes several things that happened during the war. First, it could mean the fall of countries is as they were destroyed in war. Secondly, the fall means the fall of women and old culture as well. In Europe, women were interested to get married and they felt themselves to secured under the control of their husbands. But the generation like Hampl revolted against such traditional concept desiring to remain unmarried. Similarly, the fall could signify the fall of science and technology as well as the arts because the industries and factories were stopped making their production.

3) What does the story tell about being a woman?

Answer:   The story deals with two different concepts about being a woman. According to Hampl’s mother, women should lead a traditional role after getting married that she to keep the lineage of her husband giving birth to children. Moreover, she has to devote her entire life to fulfilling the wish of her husband. However, Hampl concept differs from that of her mother. She doesn’t believe that marries should be the ultimate goal of every woman. To her, it is the kind of slavery on the part of every woman. Besides, a women has to make her own identity seeking liberty and freedom like a male being. Similarly, she has to give more priority upon her career than getting married.

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