Speaking of children | Class 11 English notes Speaking of children | Class 11 English notes
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Speaking of children | Class 11 English notes

Speaking of children Summary in Short

speaking of children

Speaking of children | Class 11 English notes

Speaking of children delightfully examines the idea of having more than one child and consequent, expenses of parents.

According to the author, a single child can make a good adjustment in the family. It doesn’t create any problem on the part of the parents. Moreover, parents can lead systematic life maintaining privacy between them. Likewise, they can make the child to whatever they want. A single child can given a better education, as well as nice upbringing as the entire focus of the parents, get centralized on it. However, it is not possible in case of having plural children. Parents are compiled to cut down their usual program and even the smooth mechanism of the house gat spoiled. Similarly, the house remain noisy and it is always folded with the toys of children on the floor.

Holland believes that the economic status of the parents get worse and worse every year as they have to make entire expenditure of the education up bringing treatment of their children. They can never feel that they belong to each other as the children stand in between them as a big disturbance. With a sing child parents can control it, but in case of plural children they are themselves control.

The author observes that it is very difficult for the parents with the plural children to manage household activities in a perfect way. So, they are always commented by the parents with the single child for not living a smooth and comfortable life. To Holland, she had attended her best to prove herself as an ideal wife in front of her husband surviving him through all the ways she could. However, she failed in her attempt as she was constantly disturbed by her children in one or other way.

1) What, according to Holland are the advantages of having a single child?

Answer: Holland, who has gone through the experience of having plural children. Presents the concept against plural children. However, she is in favor of the concept of having a single child. She believes that in spite of birth of a child, perents have their private life. In fact, the privacy between them can be easily maintained in case of having a single child. Moreover, a single child can be easily adjusted in door as well as outdoor activities. The parents can easily could control over it and make him do whatever they want. Likewise, the systematic or smooth mechanism of the house with the single child always encourages or strengthens, love and understanding between them. The nice up bringing better education and better school with proper attention towards it always becomes a matter of social pride in neighborhood.

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