The Gardener | Class 11 English notes

The Gardener Summary in Short

The Gardener

The Gardener | Class 11 English notes

Hellen Turrel lived in Hampshire in England. She was known to be a dutiful and responsible woman in the village. She has told the villagers that she was unmarried and suffering from lungs problem. She left for southern France for treatment. After staying there for some months, she came back to her village with a small baby, to whom she called her nephew. the son of her brother George turrel. She told the villagers that she made passage of her baby from India to southern France after she came to know that her brother died of falling from the horse. Everyone in the village was very much convinced by her statement.

Hellen didn’t hesitate to tell the visitors that the child had gone after turrel family in all aspects. The child was named Micheal by a rector. Why he couldn’t use the word ‘mummy’ to Hellen. Like other children. At this, Hellen said that he could use the work only at bedtime. However, she went to expose the reality or the secret to the neighbors Which makes Micheal totally upset. He threatens to upset her in return by losing his life in the war. When Hellen begins to cry, he comforted it wouldn’t have again. Moreover, one he also attacked her with of being criticized illegal child at school.

Before Micheal went to university for his further study, the joint army course without giving information to Hallen. Asleep notified her that Micheal has been enlisted in the army. Nothing happens to the battalion of Micheal for supposing as it was kept in the wast university, the expansion of draft from upward took the life of all the soldiers. The second explosion buried to them completely as a result of which their trace was not found for many days. When the slip came to Hellen lefting her known that the battalion Micheal was still missing. She lost her consciousness totally she was sympathizing with the villagers saying that it was a regular ritual. After regaining consciousness she begins to give a speech against the war powerfully.

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