The house call | Class 11 English notes

The house call Summary in Short

the house call

The house call | Class 11 English notes

Dr. evil braun was the head surgeon in the city of berlin. He was kind, co-operative and dutiful by nature. Once, he had to perform and supervise a long surgical operation which lasted more than 8 hours that day. By the time, the operation was over and he was very much tired. Let in the evening he thought to write a note about a surgery, while he attempting to his dinner. But, the elderly doctor was to do either. Should he dozed off with his head on his arm on the table. A while later, he woke up when he heard the door bell ring. It was his wife went to see who it was. In fact, she saw a girl of 6 or 7 standing at the door wearing cotton dress at shabby shoes. She said that she was in need of the help of doctor. In spite of, a willingness of his wife, the doctor got ready to go with the little girl.

It was raining lightly. As the doctor walked down the steps to the street, the little girl was already almost up the street waiting for him. As she saw doctor coming she turned to round and walked to the corner. She stopped at each end of the street to be sure if the doctor was following her. She lid to the doctor through the poorest part of berlin. Finally, she stood in front of an old tenement house. Then she enter the dark hallway and started up the stairs. The doctor was surprised to see her standing on the second flight of the stairs without moving through the first one. She took him to the fifth floor and stood in front of the doorway waiting towards it. The doctor got into the room thanking. He happen to see a women lying on the bed suffering from pneumonia. He knew her as elda, who used to be the staff of his hospital. As the dialogue started, she let the doctor know that she came back to town after the death of her child. Her child died due to flu. At this, the doctor don’t believe his ears. But Elda shoes him the shoes and shawl which she had kept for reminders. When the doctor examined them, he found them to be wept. He realized that he had been taken there by a sprit. But he realized his mistake knowingly and went out of the room after her feverish head.

1) Write a paragraph describing Dr. Braun?

Answer: Dr. Braun was a head surgeon in the city of berlin. He was kind, cooperative and dutiful by the nature. He thought that fulfillment of duty would be true worship on the part of god. Similarly, he was such a doctor who offered valued the comfort of his patient more than his individual comfort. So, even in the middle of night and in spite of tiredness he got ready to with the little girl. Even after he realized that he had been taken there by a spirit, he was not carried away by this emotion. He knew the fact about the real principle of being a doctor. With this thought in his mind, he didn’t disclose the secret rather realized his own mistake in order to make Elda feel better.

2) Do you think it is a good idea to keep the reminders of lost loved ones as Elda did in the story? Explain it.

Answer: We are not able to forget our relatives soon after their death. It is simply because we may have spent a long time sharing love and emotion with them. We can’t be so rude and our feelings towards them like animal beings. Moreover, the remainders don’t always weakens us within rather they sometime become a source of encouragement and enthusiasm.

As per the story she has only one child with her. So, it was very difficult for her to forget her child. Moreover, she would meet her loneliness of having alone at her reminders.

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