The loving mother | Class 11 English notes The loving mother | Class 11 English notes
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The loving mother | Class 11 English notes

The loving mother Summary in Short

the loving mother

The loving mother | Class 11 English notes

Shoji Sakota was a pharmacist in the city of Supporo on the Hokkaido island of the hotten Japan. He lived in a small apartment at the back of his drug store. Sometimes, he worked till late at night for his wife has died many years ago.

One stormy night, he was working till late at night to prepare an annual report. Meanwhile, he happened to hear a knock on the door. He ignored it happening that the store was already closed and whoever had come, would go away. He also ignored the second knock believing that it was because of the wind. However, the third knock was a bit harder and it sounds it a chief someone was knocking. He thought that someone has might have come with an emergency. But didn’t open the door. Instead, he went to the window to look out who it was. He was surprised to see a woman appearing to be nervous was standing at the door. He tried to send her away saying that the store was already closed. Instead of turning away, she pleaded a lot from outside. At this, the pharmacist felt that she was really with an emergency. He unlocked the door to let her in. she entered the store with the head bent down. He noticed that she was very thin and her skin was abnormally light. But, she surprised him by asking for an ame instead of medicine. Moreover, the pharmacist was very much scared to see her constant eyes. She took an ame and went out into a stormy night. The same thing happened for the two nights continuously. After she came the third night, the pharmacist requested his photographer friend to take a photo of hiding. The plan was nicely carried out. But to their great surprise, she didn’t appear when the film was developed.

Next night, the pharmacist and his friend followed her to get more information about her. She climbed the stairs. The pharmacist and his friend got into the room it was let open. They saw the women sleeping by a baby of 6 or 7 months who was licking the same ame. The pharmacist felt her bare neck and realized that she had been dead for a number of days.

1) Describe the women who visited the pharmacist at night?

Answer: The woman, who visited the pharmacist at night was young appearing to be quite nervous. She had made a visit in stormy winter night, which prevented the pharmacist to let her enter into the store. It was only after several request. She was allowed to get into the store. Till they, the pharmacist was much sure that she was in emergency and put asked for medicine. He noticed that she was very thin and her skin was abnormally light. Her hair was brown roughly on her back. Similarly, she was wearing a simple kimono which ship light it have been work. As she raised her head when the pharmacist asked what she wanted, she frightened him badly. Her eyes were fixed and they seemed to be looking through him, not at him. Furthermore, the unexpected demand for an Ame instead of medicine totally puzzeled the pharmacist.

2) Do you think taking a picture of women was a good idea?

Answer: Of course, it was not a good idea to take picture of the women secretly. The pharmacist had several chances to put the questions on the women. However, you would be so nervous and frightens that he forget to ask her question. Instead of taking a photographer taken the pharmacist could have hard to inquire about your arrival only at night. He didn’t deserve that much of courage. He would have told a male his friend ask question standing face to face with her.

The secret way of taking picture of women could mean several adverse meaning. It cannot be easily accepted in the society where civilized people live. So, such an act would definitely be called as an improper way to know about someone or to exploit him/her for benefits.

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