The poplar field (Poem) | Class 11 English notes

The poplar field (Poem) Summary in Short

the poplar field

The poplar field (Poem) | Class 11 English notes

The poplar field” has been composed by William Cooper, a great pre-romantic poet. This poem is remarkable for its celebration of the rural and nostalgic tone.

The poet is back in the field after 12 years. However, he is very much surprised to see the present condition of the poplar field. As it is the field with gloom and desolation. He is so much affected at his heart that she starts recalling. The days a past comparing it with the present treeless condition of the poplar field. He recalls that the field was once filled with trees that had made the whole landscape enchanting enough. The wind uses to blow and the leaves would dance producing fluttering. Even the river, house, was happy enough to receive the image of trees on its besom. Similarly, the blackbird used to fill the whole atmosphere with its melodious song. However, everything has come to an end ever since. The trees were chopped down. The trees once lent the poet a shade have become a seat for him.

The poet states that he won’t be able to see the plantation of the trees in the same place until the last hours of his life. He means to clarify that beings have been totally careless in the matter of plantation. Moreover, he believes that human existence and happiness are associated with the presence of trees. The sooner they cut down trees, the sooner their happiness and existence die.

1) What changes do the poet notice when he returns to the field after 12 years?

Answer:   The poet notices several changes when he returns to the field after 12 years. These changes are caused by the massive destruction of the poplar trees, which has resulted in the stream, gloom, and desolation on the part of the poplar field. The poet is quite puzzled to see that the trees are not straight up as they were before. On top of that, neither the wind blows nor do the leaves dance producing fluttering sound. Similarly, the rivers, house, is compiled to receive the hard sunlight on its bosom. Likewise, the field has been totally deprived of the melodious song of the blackbird as its nest has been smashed and hence it has flown away. The most painful part of the change the poet feels that the trees, which once used to give him shade, have become a seat for him.

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