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The Recurring Dream Summary in short

The recurring dream

The Recurring Dream | Class 11 English notes

Kimberly Clark a normal young woman of 25, lives and works in London. She loves to dance and have friends. She has also got a good position in the office of a large. Company however, she has a problem. Her problem is a about mysterious dream, which she sees frequently. She also knows nothing about the person and the place she sees in her dream.

The strange dream always beings on a country road. Kimberly finds a person standing a country road which has fence on each side. At the end of the road, on a small hill, she sees a white cottage with green shutters. In the dream, she follows the lane arrive at cottage, goes in and looks around. She happens to see an old man with white hair and a white beard asleep in a bed. When she opens her mouth to talk to the old man, she herself wake up and find herself in her own apartment in London.

As the dream bothers Kim a lot, she expresses her problem to her roommate, Janet Wilson. She tells Kim that her problem is due to the pressure of her work at her office. They prepare a plan to visit country side for some days. On Saturday morning, according to their plan they leave for Janet farm house by car on the way to village, Kim happens to see the place in the cottage is in her dream.

She gets out of the car and to follows the lane as she does in her dream. She get a very much surprise to see everything exactly same as in her dream. But, as she arrives at the cottage. She sees a notice board for sell hung over the door. A while letter she knocks on the door at the same old man with white hair &white beard appears in front of her. A brief dialogue takes place between them, includes of which Kimberly is declared ghost by him. 

1) Why do you think some people have recurring dream?

Answer: As we know that dream is a result of our sub consciousness. Its back ground is made by consciousness or reality. It has been linked with a events of our life. We also know that maximum people have some desires unfulfilled. The same desires are fulfilled in their dreams. In the stage of a dream, it becomes very difficult for us to differentiate between reality and dream. It means that all the events seem to be very real. When our dream is over we come to our reality. And we start thinking about the fulfillment of the same desire constantly. That makes a proper background for the repletion of the same events time and again. These are different reasons people having recurring dreams.

2) Why do you think kim has this dream?

Answer: It is fact that no one is without desire. Like without passion is living less. But it is also truth that all of us don’t have the fulfillment of some desires in spite of our devotion, scarifies and hard labor. As a result it becomes the part of constant thinking.

As far as kim is constant, she might have thought of visiting some strange places and meeting some unseen people. She might have desired of having a beautiful house at the top of a hill but she might not have been successful to fulfill these dreams in real life in spite of her hard labor. So, this subject might have been a part of a constant thinking. As a result, she has such type dream time and again.

3) Why does janet want to take kim to her parents farmhouse?

Answer: Kim, a young girl of 25, undergoes by heavy mental tension due to the recurring dream. She is very much bothered about the dream she sees frequently. Although she tolerate it for some days yet it becomes unbearable for her. So, she shares her problems with her roommate, janet Wilson. Beveling that she could get a solution for it. At this, janet believes that her mental tension is the cause of heavy pressure of works at her office. So, she advices kim to go away from town for some days in order to have mental relief. She believes that kim could be all right if she is taken to her parents farm.

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