The Three Day Blow | Class 11 English notes

The three day Blow 

the three day blow

The Three Day Blow | Class 11 English notes

Discuss Three Day Blow as a dramatical story.

Answer:   “The three-day blow” can be taken as a dramatic story as it contains all the elements of drama. As dialogue essence of a drama, the story is also based on the dialogue between two characters, Nick and Bill. Nick, the main character has been undergoing a heavy mental tension of marge for a long time. He goes to see the bill in order to minimize the problem. The entire dialogue of the story is conducted on a small hill, where there is the bill. So the story possesses settee on the small hill in the house of the bill. The exposition of the story can be realized when the character initiates their conversation with the reference of the baseball team soon, the conversation gets shifted. On the other topics like writers and on the nature of their fathers. However, we can come across several informal words like (dope, swell, guy, etc) throughout their conversation. In fact, a drama constitutes such informal words in the dialogue of the character. Likewise, the exact performed by the characters can be noticed throughout the dialogue. Nicks gets to bring a large log from the back porch and he also makes his own face in the mirror being heavily drunk. Then, the climax appears in the story when Bill starts dealing with the matters of marge, which makes Nick totally silent.

As nick has been entangled in marge business, it is difficult for him to forget her. So, he drinks more heavily in order to pacify himself. Later, he changes his decision that the image of marge is no more there in his mind.

The story presents the blow of wind that has been going for many days. The windy atmosphere is nothing but analogs to the mental conflict that has been going on the mind of Nick for many days.

1) Describe the seven scenes of the play ( The three-day blow). 

Answer:  The story, “The Three Day Blow”, moves through the sequence of seven scenes. Which can be noticed if the keen observation is maintained throughout it? The scenes have been described below:

i. The first scene appears when the two main characters, Nick and Bill, give initiation to their dialogue with a reference based on teams (cards and giants). They are very much pleased with the fact that they have got information about baseball and its tournament even being far from the town.

ii. The second scene takes place with the shift of dialogue towards their favorite writers (Chesterton and Walpole). Nick and Bill in the mind of drinking, desire for the presence of writers, to whom they want to take for fishing the next day.

iii. The third scene appears when the character starts talking about the nature of their father. Bill says that his father allows him to take wine from the bottles which are open. Moreover, he says that his father is a font of painting. However, Nick says that his father is a doctor by profession at always suffers from a tough time. He further says that his father has missed a great thing in his life not by taking alcohol at all.

iv. The fourth scene is based on the enactment opened by Nick. He brings a log from the backdoor, hits a pan of apricots to fall over and tries to collect in order to show that he is not drunk and imitate his face in different shapes and sizes in the mirror.

v. The fifth scene is the climax of the story which discloses the mental tension through which Nick is undergoing. He can’t make a proper decision about whether to continue his relationship with marge or stop it immediately. At this Nick says nothing but remains silent.

vi. The sixth scene appears when Nick feels extreme mental tension about the decision he had to make. As it is not easy for him to forget marge. So he drinks even more heavily in order to relieve himself.

vii. The last scene appears with the decision made by Nick. He’s totally relived as the image of marge is no more there in his mind. He decides to opt. another way going away from marge.

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