Unchopping a tree | Class 11 English notes


unchopping a tree

Unchopping a tree | Class 11 English notes

Is unchopping a tree possible?

Answer:  Unchopping a tree by W.S Merwin is a pseudo directive essay which stresses on the conservation of plants or trees. It also tries to proof that unchopping a tree is a far harder job than its chopping. The main thrust of this essay is that human beings are supposed to chop a tree if they lack capacity it's chopping.

The author, in a pseudo directive way, claims that it is beyond the capacity of human beings to bring the tree in its original form after it has been chopped down. He tries to instruct the people about re-adjustment, he claims that the task could be problematic for the person if the proper attention is not maintained. Similarly, there could be the possibility of further difficulties if the surrounding trees belong to the species.

The author imagines that the readjustment of the broken leaves and branches does not make the end of the story. Besides, this entire person will have to repair cub-web, nest, and even eggshells, which become a far harder job for him. Likewise, the erection of trunk with the help of pulleys is even more tiring. If the trunks fall back to the ground it causes further damage, which he will have to repair later. Furthermore, it is beyond the capacity of a person to attach the sawdust particles to their respective places. Even if the trees made straight up by accomplishing all the procedures, it cannot look green and lively for a long time as life cannot be attached to it.

The author states that one has to rethink about unchopping twice before he makes an attempt to chopping it. Once the tree is chopped, it cannot bring back to its previous form at any cost. The human capacity for unchopping which means bringing back to its original form with life in it comes to be a failure here. So, unchopping a tree is not a possible task but it is an impossible impossibility.

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