Distinguish between curriculum and textbook.

 Difference between curriculum and textbook.



Curriculum is a comprehensive education strategy or plan.

Textbook is a teaching material constructed on the basis of the curriculum.

Curriculum is a means or resources for textbooks to achieve predetermined objectives.

The textbook is a material to fulfill the objectives of the curriculum.

The goals, objectives, content, teaching methods, teaching materials and evaluation methods are clearly specified in a curriculum.

Analysis of the syllabus, course content, and additional necessary information are included in a textbook.

The curriculum involves all the teaching activities.

Textbook involves the time duration and content for a specific academic session.

The educationalists, curriculum specialists, professors, lecturers, teachers, and academic dignitaries are involved in designing a curriculum.

The authors and subject specialists are involved in designing a textbook.

It is a broad concept.

It is a narrow concept.

The curriculum is a means.

The textbook is an end.


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