Mero Share App for IOS and Android | How to download



Mero Share App for IOS and Android

Mero share is a platform (app and website) launched by CDSC and clearinghouse limited for facilitating the purchase of IPO issues in Nepal and the transfer of the scrips online. If you need an overview of the Mero Share and its features, you can click here and get all the details.

Mero Share has launched both the web version and mobile application version for its clients so that they can access it from anywhere on their mobile. However, the system and the functionality seem to be preliminarily designed for the web version as most of its features get stuck in the application and mobile versions.

You can simply go through the link" to browse the Mero Share features on your mobile browser on both Android and IOS. In order to access the mobile application for android, which is in Beta version, you can follow the link provided below:

Android App link for Mero Share:

You can also download the beta version of the MeroShare app here: Mero share App Beta

Almost all of the features can be browsed through the mobile application like accessing your dashboard, filling up the IPO Issues for buying, transfer of securities, calculation of WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital), and others.

You can't get an app of Mero share for PC as the accessibility can be made through your PC browser. We have already stated that the Mero Share features can be best accessed through your PC.

Mero Share app for IOS:

Currently, there are no signs of bringing up of Mero Share app for IOS users as it is still in a test for Android users, and that is too in beta version yet. After its successful compliance to almost all android devices, in the near future, we will be able to download the Mero Share app for IOS devices. Till then, we still need to struggle through the web version of Mero Share in IOS browsers/ Safari. 


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