NEPSE holding a bullish rhythm again

On the last trading day of this week, the Nepse index closed at 43 points higher. On this day, along with Nepse, the volume has also improved.

As the transaction amount has also increased along with Nepse on this day, the analysis that Nepse has returned to a bullish rhythm has started in the market. Nepse, which had reached its highest point of 2640 points so far, had returned to 2370 points last Tuesday after a three-week correction. Despite the rise in the Nepse index, investors were confused as to whether the market has returned due to low volume. However, with the rise in both Nepse and volume on this day, the market is now on a bullish journey again. Experts say that next year's business will be clearer.

On Thursday, the Nepse index increased by 42.95 points and reached 2475.09 points. The Sensitive Index rose 5.55 points to 444.15 on the day. Similarly, the float index rose by 2.69 points and the sensitive float index by 1.76 points.

A total of 116.57 million shares worth Rs 4.66 billion were traded in 57,742 transactions of 213 companies in the market on this day. This is more than 1 billion compared to Wednesday.

4 Shares of the company traded at a positive circuit level

Shares of four companies traded at positive circuit levels on the day. Shares of Green Life Hydropower, United Idi Mardi, Chandragiri Hills, and Nepal Bangladesh Bank traded at a positive circuit level on Thursday.

Shares of Joshi Hydropower and Ankhukhola Hydropower fell more than 6 percent.

Of the 13 subgroups traded on Thursday, the index of 12 subgroups has increased while the index of one subgroup has decreased. The hotel and tourism index rose the most at 4.1 percent. Similarly, the index of production and processing subgroup has increased by 3 percent on this day. The trade subgroup index fell 1.06 percent on the day.

On this day, Nepal Bangladesh Bank is in the top position in terms of the transaction amount. Rumors of a merger with Nabil Bank have boosted the bank's share turnover. Shares of the bank worth more than Rs 767.6 million have been bought and sold on this day. Similarly, shares of Nepal Infrastructure Bank worth more than Rs. 216.2 million have been bought and sold on this day.

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