Singati and Ruru IPO coming, price Rs 100 and Rs 120 including premium of another

Two companies are seen in the line of primary shares to be issued immediately. Singati Hydro Energy and Ruru Hydropower Project are seen in the pipeline.

Of the two companies in the line, Singati Hydro will issue shares at a face value of Rs 100 per share, while Ruru will add shares at a face value of Rs 20 per share at a rate of Rs 120 per share.

Singati Hydro Energy is going to issue shares first. It has been issuing primary shares since Friday and then Ruru Hydropower Project. His shares will be issued from Friday, April 4.

Sinagti Hydro Power, which will be issued from Friday, March 20, is issuing 4.35 million shares equal to Rs 4.35 billion. Mega Capital will act as its sales manager.

Similarly, Ruru Hydropower Project is issuing four lakh seven thousand seven hundred and six shares which will be 10 percent. The value of the shares he is about to issue will be Rs 120 per share. The company is going to issue shares to the public by adding a premium of Rs 20 to the face value of Rs 100. Its sales manager is NMB Capital.

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