Curriculum and course of study Curriculum and course of study
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Curriculum and course of study


Curriculum and course of study:

The curriculum is a comprehensive plan for teaching and learning and the course of study is only one part of it. The curriculum integrates all the educational activities and provides a definite guideline for achieving the specified learning achievements.

All aspects related to the educational program such as students, teachers, parents, society, global environment, dissemination of knowledge, local, national, regional, and international perspectives are taken into consideration while designing the curriculum.

The curriculum has also played a role in the impact of out-of-school activities on children's enrollment, including the investment in education (students, parents, curriculum, teachers), process (learning activities), and rewards (learning achievements). In other words, the curriculum studies important topics such as society's aspirations, children's needs, children's expenses and abilities, and the nation's needs, and decides which class of students should acquire knowledge, skills, and perceptions (learning achievement). Subject matter experts and curriculum experts are involved in the process.

The course of study is prepared based on the determined learning achievements to teach the curriculum or on the basis of the curriculum. The course of study also decides on the curriculum and educational materials needed to change the student's behavior. Similarly, the course of study develops the necessary assessment system to guide the choice of appropriate method from the use of educational materials to the prescribed curriculum and to find out how helpful the prescribed curriculum and the activities conducted after the teaching-learning activities are in the student's behavior.

In this way, the curriculum examines all the aspects of both formal and informal education systems one by one and provides a separate document for the students of each class, on the basis of which the future of the individual, society, and nation is shown. By organizing knowledge, it helps in building a certain pattern of behavior within a certain period of time.

Part of the curriculum is the course of study. The course of study determines what to teach in which class and how much to teach. The course of study also recommends methods to teach the knowledge, skills, and ideas that should be imparted to the children in order to achieve the learning achievement prescribed by the curriculum within a year.

The course of study
does not mention anything about the teaching method. This is just an organization of a table of contents. The purpose of the course of study is to organize the subjects that should be taught in each class within a year and present the content in sections. The course of study sets a boundary for the subject matter, outside of which the teaching and learning activities of teachers and students are conducted. But the curriculum provides the freedom to do any activity in order to build a syllabus or to achieve the desired learning achievement.

The curriculum provides only one basis for teaching the teacher by dividing the subjects to be taught within a year according to the lesson hours. The curriculum is not complete without the course of study but the course of study is not the curriculum. Of the many 'parts' of the curriculum, the course of study is the one. Therefore, the course of study can be considered as one of the many ways to achieve the objectives of learning as specified by the curriculum.

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