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Nepali Unicode Converter - English To Nepali Typing

Type in Roman Nepali font and hit space to automatically convert English/ Romanized Nepali text into Unicode Nepali Text/ Font.

Genius Converter

How to use Nepali Unicode Converter - English To Nepali Typing:

In the upper text area that is orange in color, users need to paste or type the romanized Nepali text. Simultaneously, the lower text area which is blue in color will show the Unicode Nepali text.

प्रयोगकर्ताहरूले Roman गरिएको नेपाली पाठ माथिल्लो सुन्तला रंगको क्षेत्रमा टाँस्न वा टाइप गर्न आवश्यक पर्दछ। एकै साथ, तल्लो पाठ क्षेत्र जुन नीलो रंगको हुन्छ यूनिकोड Nepali पाठ देखाउँदछ।

In order to select the text that you have converted into Nepali Unicode, users need to click the "Select all text" button below the text area. Then you can use the copy command (Ctrl + C) to copy the Nepali Unicode text to paste (Ctrl + V) wherever you wish.

तपाईंले नेपाली युनिकोडमा रूपान्तरण गर्नुभएको पाठ छान्नको लागि प्रयोगकर्ताहरूले पाठ क्षेत्रको तल "Select all text" बटन क्लिक गर्नुपर्दछ। त्यसो भए तपाईले प्रतिलिपि आदेश (Ctrl C) प्रयोग गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ नेपाली युनिकोड पाठ प्रतिलिपि गर्न (Ctrl V) जहाँ तपाईं चाहानुहुन्छ।

For clearing/ erasing or deleting all the text whatever you have input in both the text areas, you need to click the "Select all text" button below the text area and the "Erase All" button then.

सबै पाठ खाली गर्न वा मेटाउन को लागी तपाईसँग दुबै पाठ क्षेत्रमा इनपुट छ, तपाईले पाठ क्षेत्रको तल "Select all text" बटन क्लिक गर्नुपर्नेछ र त्यसपछि "Erase All" बटन क्लिक गर्नुहोस्।

For better English to Unicode Nepali typing, you should select the "Precise Unicode" option from the selector. However, it will be already selected for readable Nepali Unicode. For HTML encoded Unicode, you need to choose the "HTML Concealed Encode" option from the selector.

युनिकोड नेपाली टाइपिंगमा राम्रो अंग्रेजीका लागि तपाईले चयनकर्ताबाट "Precise Unicode" विकल्प छान्नु पर्छ। यद्यपि यो पहिले नै पढ्नयोग्य नेपाली युनिकोडको लागि चयन गरिएको छ। HTML एन्कोडेड युनिकोडका लागि तपाईले चयनकर्ताबाट "HTML Concealed Encode" विकल्प छनौट गर्नु पर्छ।

For smart conversion of Nepali Unicode, leave the "Genius Converter" option checked, else uncheck the option.

नेपाली युनिकोडको स्मार्ट रूपान्तरणको लागि, "Genius Converter" विकल्प जाँच गरी छोड्नुहोस्, अन्यथा विकल्प अनचेक गर्नुहोस्।

We also have created other handy tools for Nepali users that you can access from the buttons above like Preeti to Unicode, Kantipur to Unicode, and Unicode to Preeti.

Tips for better Nepali Unicode Conversion:

Use the following input command for proper Nepali Unicode conversion:

A. For Upper or lower case in Nepali Unicode, please use the following inputs:

Ta = ट, ta = त, Tha = ठ, tha = थ, Da = ड, da = द, dha = ध, Dha = ढ, na = न, Na = ण, sha = श, Sha = ष. That means, you need to toggle between Capital and Small letters for proper English to Nepali conversion.

B. If you need some of the English words left unconverted into Unicode Nepali, then put the English text enclosed within the middle { } brackets.

For example: {Nepali Unicode Converter} saahrai raamro chh . = Nepali Unicode Converter साह्रै राम्रो छ ।

C. Please use the letter backslash (\) to rest the word at the end.

For example; kaaT = काट and kaaT\ = काट्

D. If your desired Nepali Unicode appears to be mistaken for a half joint combination, please use the front slash (/) key for unjoint results.

For example; bajaarko = बजार्को and bajaar/ko = बजारको

E. If you need to type in joint Nepali Unicode words, then kindly use the letters double the time.

For example; jangal = जङल and janggal = जङ्गल

Some Special Characters in Nepali Unicode converter (English to Nepali typing) tool:

a. ngk = ङ्क ; eg; angk = अङ्क

b. sk = स्क्; eg; skul = स्कुल्

c. u = उ ; eg; skul = स्कुल्

d. rri = ऋ; eg; rriN = ऋण

e. rree = ॠ; eg; rreeShi = ॠषी

f. oo = ऊ ; eg; skool = स्कूल

g. ri^ = रि or i = इ and ii = ई or ee = ई

h. rr = र्‍ ; eg; garryo = गर्‍यो

i. yna = ञ

j. chh = छ and ch = च

k. gya = ज्ञ

l. * = ं ; eg; aka* = अकं

m. ** = ँ ; eg; aa**gan = आँगन

n. om = ॐ or aum = ॐ

o. /: = : for example; nam/: = नम:

Who needs Nepali Unicode Converter?

This tool Nepali Unicode converter is for those who wish to type in Nepali but are inexperienced in Preeti or Kantipur or other popular Nepali typing fonts. For instance, if you are a blogger interested in blogging in the Nepali language, then you need to publish articles, content in the Unicode Nepali language. The browsers won't support typical Nepali fonts. So, it will be easy for them to type in English to Nepali Unicode.

Most of the websites are indexed by Google or Bing search engines and they only support Unicode Nepali characters and not Preeti or Kantipur fonts.

Similarly, there are other web publishers like online media persons, journalists, or online content creators. This tool has a high utility to easily type in Nepali from English or Romanized Nepali language.

This tool also helps users to type in different forms and entries that support Unicode. For instance; filling up an online license form, PSC (Public service commission), Lok Sewa Aayog online applications, government bank vacancy applications, and other job forms.

These websites don't have inbuilt English to Nepali typing functionality on their system. So, users can visit this particular page of the Hamrolibrary and do their tiresome task of English to Nepali Unicode typing.

Nepali Unicode Converter is an online tool that uses Unicode characters to convert Romanized text to Nepali Unicode Characters. Unicode is a universally acceptable encoding system and thus this tool is widely popular. On top of this, Hamrolibrary provides this tool to use freely for all users without any conditions or costs.

Users don't need any other add ons or additional widgets for English to Nepali typing. This tool is extremely fast and lag-free and converts Romanized texts to Nepali within fractions of a second. Users don't even need to wait for a second for conversion. The parallel translation helps you to save your precious time.

Moreover, our help section is always there to help you in case of any confusion or difficulties in using Unicode Nepali Converter. Your valuable suggestions are always welcome if you want to improve this tool.

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