How to start a blog in Nepal in 2024? [From Scratch] - UPDATED

How to start a blog in Nepal in 2024

How to start a blog in Nepal in 2024?

So, you planned to start a blog in Nepal. It is already 2024 and the charm of blogging is still popular in the world. In Nepal, there are very few bloggers who work consistently and this is the main reason why your blog will be a money-making one. In this article, I will be guiding you through every step that are necessary to start a money-making blog in Nepal. Before we begin, let me make sure that you know what blogging actually is.

What is a blog?

According to Wikipedia, "A blog is an exchange or instructive site distributed on the World Wide Web comprising of discrete, regularly casual journal-style content sections (posts). Posts are normally shown backward sequential requests, with the goal that the latest post seems first, at the highest point of the website page. Numerous blogs give an editorial on a specific subject or theme, running from governmental issues to sports."

The modern blog developed from the online journal where individuals would keep a running record of the occasions in their own lives. Most such essayists called themselves diarists, columnists, or journalese. Justin Hall,, is commonly perceived as one of the prior bloggers. He started individual blogging in 1994 while an understudy at Swarthmore College."

What is blogging?

Blogging means updating a blog regularly. Blogging can be fun. It helps to improve your writing, helps to express thoughts and ideas. Everyone may not be able to speak out the things they wish comfortably. So, a comfortable way of expressing anything can be blogging. Many bloggers start blogging considering earnings as a motive. It is actually hard to begin but consistent blogging leads to earning more than you have ever thought.

My story of blogging:

When I first started to blog, I was a newbie and knew nothing about ‘how to blog?’, ‘how to write posts?’, ‘how to purchase a domain and hosting plan?’, ‘what to blog about?’, ‘which platform to choose for blogging?’, ‘how to choose a good blog name?’ and many more. I started my blogging career back in 2012 through Google blogger.

The blog contained academic and educational content. I kept on adding new posts and published them one after another. Within a month, I had 30 posts already uploaded. The problem was that “I did not get any views” for months. I did not know the reason behind it and searched. Finally, found that the problem was “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). In this same article, I will be showing you how you can set up SEO for your blog in Nepal to get recognized by search engines.


Blog Monetization in Nepal is easy through Google Adsense and other ad networks. However, you need to concentrate on traffic and SEO at the beginning after you have published quality content.

After publishing 15 blog posts I applied for Google Adsense. My blog was verified and got my ads were shown on my blog. Moreover, I do earn from several other ways through my blogs like ad posting, featuring articles, affiliate marketing, and many more.

The baseline is, “Create quality content, get traffics, popularize your site, get audience attention and then monetize it.” You won’t fail to earn. If you strictly go for earning at the initial phase of your site, you will quit blogging. There are several other reasons why bloggers quit blogging in Nepal.

Making money online and making money blogging are two different concepts but both take time, consistency, quality content, patience, and a little sprinkling of luck. If you are blessed with all these, then you will make money by blogging in Nepal.

Currently, I am using the WordPress platform and also a custom domain on blogger to create and publish my blog posts. This particular domain hamrolibrary is hosted on google blogger and I am earning enough. Here is the screenshot of my search console report.


How much can you earn from blogging in Nepal?

A beginner blogger can expect to make around $100 to $300 per month for some months and will grow every month. Selling something of value to your audience would make some more but that needs trust and trust needs time. If you are serious, you can reach the pro level within some years. But, if you are obsessed only with earning, it is difficult.

Above all, we need to provide quality posts that add value to our visitors. Don’t just push your articles on media walls if they lack quality. Don’t unnecessarily exaggerate your posts. People will read it once and won’t return back. They will lose their trust in you. That means, we need a quality blog in Nepal to rank up and beat those existing bloggers.

A quality blog post is a major requirement for better SEO. Millions of bloggers out there publish articles on a daily basis. Why your article can’t outnumber their article? Why your readers do not follow or subscribe to your blog? One reason may be the quality of your article.

Many bloggers share their articles on social platforms and users click their links but do not get into them. They click it because of an engaging featured image or engaging title, but not engaging content.

As soon as they go through the first paragraph, they close that tab and shift to another because they find it uninteresting or valueless. Some bloggers do it just to get more blog views, while they don’t care about the bounce rate in their analytics. This is the reason why they are unable to procure from their blog.

What is a quality blog?

A quality blog is that, which provides value to the readers and engages them. It also motivates them to follow your blog. A quality blog is resourceful and full-fledged. It is interesting to read and sticky.

Why write a quality blog?

A quality blog engages your readers. It keeps their eyeballs in your post and does not let them divert. If they deviate from your article, then your bounce rate increases which are not good for your SEO and the ranking of your blog.

When you write quality blogs, then your users will follow you and you may even get a lead that profits you.

Quality blogs are better for your blog ranking. Search engines include your article in the list if it is found to be problem-solving.

Quality blogs let your readers know that you care for them.

If you are passionately into blogging, then writing qualitative articles isn’t tough. I have listed some ideas on how you can make your article qualitative.

a. Keyword:

Focus on your keyword while you write your article. Don’t get diverted from your topic or focus keyword. It is that word or phrase within your blog that is most repeated in your article. Your keyword is related to the title of your blog.

Your blog title and article should have the same sense. The article should relate and point towards your title.

Search results are shown according to your keywords, users click your link by your title and if they find that article irrelevant, they will bounce.

b. Create long articles:

Comprehensive and detailed articles are more clarifying than short-length ones. Before you create a post, make a note about it where you can edit it thoroughly. If you are playing with the words and typing them in parallel, your article might divert from your title keyword.

Long articles are also better for SEO and they are ranked higher on search lists. Go through similarly titled blogs of different authors and compare them. See what they have missed.

Research what keywords they are using to rank their articles and start writing a detailed article of your own.

Don’t plagiarize the same articles. Present them in a unique way of your own. Keep the length of your article to at least 600 words.

c. Subheadings and Paragraphs:

Subheadings make your articles readable and focused on a particular topic. Break your articles into multiple paragraphs. It will be easier for your readers to read separated paragraphs. Creating a long article with fewer subheadings and paragraphs is boring and difficult to read.

Separate your articles using different levels of subheadings. By doing this, you will be letting know your readers what they are going to read. If they want to skip into a particular topic inside your article, they can do it quickly.

If they are confused to find what they are actually trying to get in that long article, they will shift to another search result. Subheadings are also good for your SEO because they are indexed by Google crawlers easily.

d. Use infographics:

Using infographics will make your article catchy. It adds value to your blog article. Articles without images are dull. They feel like reading a textbook. Add images that relate to your article. You can use charts, graphs, images, gifs, and even embed videos.

Some beginner bloggers take images from Google searches and use them in their blogs. This is a blunder and you need to avoid this.

Create your own using Photoshop, Paint, Adobe, and other software. You can also use stock images from websites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Shutterstock, Freepik, 123rf, Dreamstime, istockphoto, pngtree, Vecteezy, kisspng, all-free-download, Vectorstock, etc.

e. Interlinking articles:

Interlink your articles with other related articles within your blog. This also engages your readers to other posts of your blog and helps to get you more website views. This also increases your search rankings.

You can also link out other bloggers under the same or different niche. People want backlinks, so this will flatter them and they might share your article if you request them/ inform them.

Cross-link your articles and also insert outbound links to make your article reader-friendly.

f. Title and permalink:

If your title is boring, there is less chance that your link will be clicked. So, use interesting and unique titles.

It is better to write “How I earned $ 4,284 in 2 months from my blog” rather than writing “How to earn $ 4,284 from your blog.” This will make your readers curious to know your story and implement them in theirs too.

Use short permalinks. The link of your blog should look like instead of These types of links are preferred by social platforms and search engines that help you to rank up.

It is also easy for your readers to paste somewhere. These types of links also load faster than long links.

g. Featured image:

Featured images are those which show up on social platforms, notifications, etc when they are linked. It acts just like thumbnails in videos. Do you click the Youtube video link because of the interesting thumbnail? You do. The same is the case here. People click your link also due to your featured image.

Always use them to make your post really compelling. This also appears in the following posts or related posts and increases the chances of your article being read.

h. Image alt name:

Write the alternative name for the images that you use on your blogs. Alternative names are useful for image search results on Google. These results found on the image search will redirect to your blog when clicked. Correspond the alt names of your images to your article keyword.

i. Write Conclusion:

At the end of your blog post, write the conclusion of your article. The conclusion sums up the main intention of the article.

Conclude your article with the summary but not the main idea. Whenever readers immediately scroll down to your conclusion to skip to the main gist, they will find the summary, and to get the main ideas, they will begin from the top again.

How to start a blog in Nepal in 2024?

You might be interested in writing to expand your creativity or to build a brand. If you are willing to blog over online networks, it can be a great source for you to get recognized.

In the digital age, people prefer writing online articles rather than in newspapers and magazines. Some of them do a blog for money, while some do it as their passion. Whatever the reason may be, the root way is ‘blog’ to express you out. Here are some tips that you can find useful for blogging.

1. Choose Hosting and Domain:

This is the first step to starting a blog. If you are using free platforms, you can skip stepping #2. If you are planning to begin your blog from a self-hosted blog, start with this step. Hosting is the store where your entire site’s database is kept. It acts as a hard drive on your website.

Without hosting, your website won’t become live. The domain is the name of your website. For example, is a website, and HamroLibrary is the domain name. It acts as an icon of your files kept in your database.

Whenever visitors click on your domain, it points to your database which is maintained by the hosting server. So, the first step is to connect and interlink your domain to hosting.

Hosting is the place where your website content is stored and deployed. Your real focus should be on hosting at the beginning. Bad hosting does not hold much traffic and remains down every time.

Which is the best hosting in Nepal?

I personally use hosting from BabalHost in Nepal for my WordPress sites. I use their WordPress pro plan as there are a lot many features regarding your site backup, WordPress management, and many more. There are many hosting providers in Nepal but in my opinion and experience, Babal host is one of the best in Nepal as they also use cloud infrastructure and Litespeed server. This reduces the load time of your blog in Nepal. In 2024, we need a lightning-fast server to perform better at SEO and Babalhost is one of the best solutions for hosting in Nepal.

Get your domain and hosting now at a discounted price. [Limited time offer]

2. Choose the correct platform:

There are various CMS to develop your blog. WordPress is the most popular one. There are multiple free and paid platforms for you to blog. However, it is better to choose WordPress for SEO and user-friendliness.

3. Choose your blogging niche:

Successful bloggers choose a specific niche before they start a blog. Otherwise, you will be lost somewhere in the middle of your career in blogging. It is useful for you to earn from your blog if you define a particular category as a niche of your blog.

Advertisers favor niche blogs to advertise their products and services. In my opinion, don’t choose multiple categories under the same blog. You can choose to write on any of these blogging niches that you wish or find easy.

You can choose; games, android, pc, software, gadgets, smartphones, laptops, economy, health, travel, parenting, hotels, lifestyle, yoga, food, agriculture, how to’s, handicrafts, fashion, celebrities, news, furniture, movies, TV serials, tutorials, education, science, etc.

Do you want blog niches that make money in Nepal? Actually, who doesn't? In order to bring in quick income, you can try these most profitable blogging niches from the beginning phase of your blog.

Best blog niches in Nepal to start with:

1. Blog niche: Personal Finance

Under this blog niche, you can publish articles regarding saving money, earning tips, frugal living, costs, budgeting, buying, selling, insurances, making money online and offline, etc. There are several bloggers who are making six figures of income every month and counting. I find no blogs specifically for Nepal in this niche. You can try it out.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, one of the most well-known personal finance bloggers reveals that she earns over 6 figures income from her blog every month. Her blog Making Sense Of Cents made over $1,500,000 while traveling full time as seen here.

2. Parenting:

Are you a home-sitting mom? Then this can be a suitable niche for you to start a blog. Under this niche, you can write about babysitting, caring, nurturing, bringing up, feeding, clothing, bathing a baby, understanding children, adolescence, difficulties in bringing up a child and their solutions, upbringing twins, etc.

Every parent is serious about children. First-time parents don't know how to bring up their children. They can't understand the psychology of their children. So, parents love to read these kinds of blogs.

FitMomJourney earns $10,000+ per month as seen here. Likewise, EasyBabyLife earns $4,000+ per month as seen here. Similarly, MommyOnPurpose earns $5,000+ per month.

3. Blog niche: Beauty and fashion

Under this niche, you can blog about beauty tips, hair care, nail art, acne, food and drinks for healthy skin, outfits, dressing up, styling, footwear, seasonal fashions, ornaments, etc. There are few blogs in Nepal under this niche.

If you are a housewife spending time over unproductive things but have the knowledge and personal experience about beauty problems and their solutions, fashions then you can think of starting this kind of blog.

For your motivation, this niche has a huge prospect as fashion is ever updating and beauty is the choice of all humans. There are numerous bloggers who make thousands of dollars per month. Some of the highest-earning bloggers under this niche are TheBlondeSalad, KayTure, SongofStyle, PinkPeonies, GalMeetsGlam, Alpha Minx, etc.

All these bloggers make a six-figure income every month from their blog. You can check their income going through their website.

4. Blog niche: Product reviews

This is the easiest blog niche to create articles on. Just grab a product, use it and review it. You can review its features, merits and drawbacks, usage methods, pricing, and many other details about the product.

One can also review digital services like design, coding, themes, apps, games, etc. There is a huge affiliate earning a chance in this niche as there are millions of products and services in the market.

Almost all of the blogs that are earning today review one or many kinds of products for their affiliate income. So, there is no need to cite examples of this niche. All the affiliate websites review products, so they also come under the same niche and they are able to make six figures monthly income.

5. Blog Niche: Food

Under the food niche, you can blog about cooking, recipes, spices, dishes, taste secrets, preferences, healthy food, organic food, adulteration, diet plan, and so on. People love dishes. They are fond of tasting and experimenting with a variety of dishes. Another important thing is that Nepal is rich in cuisines that never end. You can blog about typical traditional Nepali food recipes and how to cook, etc.

People also want the recipes to try cooking on their own. So, this also counts to be one of the popular and profitable blog niches.

ThebewitchinKitchen earns $6,000+ as seen here. Similarly, PinchOfYum earns $60,000+ per month. Likewise, ShowMeTheYummy earns $46,500 + per month as seen here.

6. Blog niche: Travel

This is another popular and profitable blog niche to choose from. Nepal is rich in geophysical and natural beauty. In fact, it is heaven in Nepal. Under this niche, you can write articles about traveling tips in Nepal, places, tools, the beauty of nature, important places, major attractions, costs of travel, luggage and bag packs, people, culture, etc for domestic as well as international tourists.

LocalAdventurer made $29,907.85 from their blog as seen here. Likewise, AdventureInYou made $95,614 in six months as seen here and HeleneInBetween made $12,000 as seen here.

7. Blog niche: Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture.

Under this niche, you can blog about Nepalese people, their cultures, traditions, religion, main features of a specific group of people, their interests, hobbies, activities, economic and socio-cultural status, gardening, survival, travel, etc.

8. Blog niche: Health and Fitness

Under this niche, you can write articles about being healthy, healthy eating, healthy foods, organic foods, diet plan, exercise, yoga, jogging, morning freshness, meditation, routine, etc. People are searching for peace of mind yogas, depression-reducing meditations, tips, foods, etc due to COVID 19 impact. This can be the best time to start your health blog in Nepal.

To start this kind of blog, you need to be an expert in these subjects. No one has the right to experiment with the health of other people. So, if you are a medical practitioner, dietician, or fitness trainer, you can start blogging under this category. However, with a disclaimer on your blog, you can start health blog learning from youtube videos, naturopathy, Ayurveda, etc.

9. Blog niche: Wedding

Under the wedding niche, you can write articles regarding wedding plans, saving wedding costs, venue, party, gifts, celebration ideas, decorations, etc. People want to plan the wedding by experts' ideas and suggestions. They want to save costs. There are various types of marriage prevalent in Nepal as it is rich in culture. You can blog about these types too.

If people are high on budget, they need decoration and entertainment ideas and tips. They need bits of advice on welcoming the guests, division of work, planning the party, planning the variety of food items, etc. So, wedding blogs are found well on search engines. You can even start a wedding planner business through your clients on your blog.

This is an emerging niche so, there are not many bloggers around that I could find their income reports. But believe me, this will soon be one of the profitable blogging niches in South Asia.

How do these blogs earn?

When I researched their income report pages, I found that affiliate marketing and Google Adsense was the common strategy to make money. Some of these also used sponsored posts to add extra dollars.

They also sold tips and tricks, e-books, recipes, affiliate courses, blogging courses, answers, lead generation for other brands, used banner and image advertisements, etc.
There is no limit to earning in blogging and it is better to be self-employed and rule ownself, unlike a regular job.

If you don't want to take the risk, then you can begin with part-time blogging choosing any one of the niches above. If you want to go through your own passion and choose your own niche, work steadily and you will succeed.

4. Design your blog:

Use the catchy title, headings, Favicon, logo, and description for your blog. Create the necessary pages like about, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Terms of use, contact, etc. And start posting your articles.
Don’t use dark and complex designs and themes for your blog. It loads your site slow and makes it look ugly. Make your site fast, simple, and easy to read. Focus on the contents.

5. Make your site live/ Deploy:

You can start posting articles after you have made the necessary pages and designs. Don’t keep changing the themes after you have deployed your site.

Focus on your articles, create engaging posts, use infographics, interlink your articles, interact with your visitors through comments and emails, Set up the SEO, and go ahead.

6. Setting Up the SEO in 2024

Setting up SEO for blogs/ Websites (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to make your blogs visible to search engines. There are millions of blogs under the same heading, but only a few rank on top. How? They spend hours setting up their SEO in blogs and generating more traffic.

When search engines detect that your blog is getting more traffic, it will surely rank up.

a. Use Google Search Console:

Configure your website with the Google search console. This is the first thing every blogger should do to set up SEO for blogs. The best part of using the Google search console is that it is free.

You need to add your website to your search console account. This helps your blog to be found on Google when anyone searches with specific keywords. In order to confirm whether your site is visible to the search engine or not, type on the Google search box and hit the search button.

If results relate to your website, then it is confirmed that your website has search engine visibility.

b. Use UberSuggest:

This is also a free SEO tool that you can use to rank up your website and gain more traffic. Ubersuggest is an easy tool to help you set up SEO in blogs. You can find and compare keywords for your title to set up SEO in the blog. Type your keyword and hit the search button.

You will find multiple options for similar keywords and also suggest better key phrases that help you rank higher. It shows the estimated competition about keyphrases in paid search. It also shows estimated competition in organic search. Get higher searched keyphrases for your keyword and integrate them within your article.

c. Use Google trends:

Another free tool again from Google. It shows the most searched keywords and phrases in Google in a particular country. Find the trendy keywords and integrate them into your blog article to improve your blog visibility.

Google trend also shows what were the most searched terms in the past years. You can also compare the keywords and phrases and use the more searched ones for your blog. I use it to find the latest trends in Google to create new articles and get found on Google.

d. Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress:

This is a freemium tool/ plugin for WordPress-based sites. You can use the free version of this tool or upgrade it to a premium. However, the free version is also good for creating SEO-friendly articles in your WordPress blog. It suggests various ways to make your article SEO friendly and also solve your sitemap problem. It submits a new sitemap to Google for your newly created post as soon as you publish it.

That helps Google to crawl to your new post and you don’t need to keep on updating your XML sitemap frequently.

It provides you space for focus key phrases and meta descriptions. Synchronize your article with your key phrase and this tool will tell you whether your keyword density is enough to rank on search engines or not.

e. A sitemap for SEO:

A sitemap is a list of posts and pages of a site. There are three essential sorts of web page sitemaps: maps utilized amid the arranging of a web by its planners. Human-unmistakable postings, regularly various leveled, of the pages on a site. Organized postings proposed for web crawlers, for example, web indexes.

A site map is another great way of search engine optimization. You need to submit your websites’/ blogs’ site map frequently to google webmaster, Search console to update your page visibility. As soon as you update a post or amend an existing one, let Google know it by submitting a new sitemap.

f. Use social share:

This is the best method to get organic traffic. Whenever you complete publishing your post, share the link to your social media walls and profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, WhatsApp, and many more. The interested ones will click the link. You can join different Facebook groups and pages to share your article. Just be consistent. Do this every day.

Content creators continuously follow this method to rank up their site and earn traffic. You can also get help from local celebrities to promote your link if have a good relation with them. You can also use free WordPress plugins like Sassy Social Share, Simple share button, etc to generate share tabs on your article page. Request your readers to share your article.

g. Use link exchange programs:

There are other bloggers and creators on the web who wish to get traffic. Contact them for a link exchange program among you. If you can convince them, then you will soon rank up your website. Your site works for them and theirs for you. This can be a win-win situation for both parties.

h. Interlink your articles:

Add the links of your articles in different related articles. For example, if you are writing about ‘how to be healthy?’ then show your visitors the link to ‘how to drink water properly’ or ‘how to do yoga correctly?’ as well in the same article. In this way, you are interlinking your related posts. The visitors, who arrive at your first link, will definitely click the link of the other two posts.

You can get multiple page visits from a single visitor at a time. You can see that most of my posts are interlinked which engages a visitor to my website. Interlink smartly, interlink relevant posts. You can also use, ‘related posts plugin’ for WordPress websites.

i. Use Subscriber plugins for WordPress:

You can get multiple plugins for user subscriptions in the WordPress plugins tab/ page. Some are free while some are paid. You can use the free version of the plugins when you are satisfied, and then you can go for the paid ones. Some popular ones are Subscriber, MailChimp subscribers, etc.

You can use whichever is easy for you. As new visitors enter your site, they will get popups to subscribe. When they subscribe to your website, you can use the subscription list to send notifications of new posts through email.

You can also use push notification services like One Signal, Push engage, and other plugins for WordPress to send push notifications to their mobiles and laptops.

j. Responsiveness of your website:

Use a simple theme and layout. You don’t need to buy bulky, expensive themes to enhance your website looks. Just get a free responsive WordPress theme like Astra, Islemag, etc that loads fast and easy and is responsive with most browsers, tablets, phones, and PC. The visitors don’t arrive at your link to see the style, they want the content.
k. Interact with your users:

You can use the Facebook comment plugin for WordPress or other comment utilities to let your users submit their opinions. Read them and reply back. This will show that you are caring for their thoughts and opinions.

Don’t show your anger to hate comments. Reply smartly. This will get you returning website visitors.

l. Use tags and titles in a clever way:

Some bloggers talk about tags for website SEO while some say that it won’t matter much. In my opinion, tags help you get website traffic. Use specific words or phrases as tags for your posts to get your blog visible to search engines easily. But, don’t stuff all keywords as tags.

Keywords are the words and phrases that are most repeated in your article. Why do you need to stuff those phrases as tags again if they are already repeated in your article? Use other related terms as tags. Use engaging headings and titles. Create your article keeping your heading as the focal point.

Don’t divert your blog from your heading. Create Meta tags and permalinks in such a way that they will summarize your blog in short. This will help you rank faster in Google.

m. Create Backlinks:

Whenever you complete creating your post, then you can have a link generated automatically for your post. Create your custom link that explains your article. It is better not to use the auto-generated lengthy link that is unrelated to your blog.

In order to create backlinks, mail other popular bloggers and request them to cite your link in their blog. You can also copy your link and paste it into the comment section of other website blogs. But, don’t paste them in the text tab of comments which will be marked as spam and won’t get you clicks.

n. Guest blog and allow guest post:

Guest posting has become very popular nowadays. It reduces your workload as others write for your website. You can write guest posts on popular websites and add your link to that post.

The visitors, if they find your article good, will follow your link surely. Another idea is to allow guest blogging on your website. People want a platform for their article to be published and you will get quality posts. After they post as a guest, they will share the link of the article socially.

This will drive traffic towards your website.

How to get paid traffic?

Paid traffic will cost you much but they will definitely get you more page views. You may get both organic and inorganic traffic using paid traffic methods.

How much money does a blogger earn in Nepal?

Well, it depends. The amount of money a blogger in Nepal makes depends upon several factors. For example, a blogger might only be depending on google Adsense but not on affiliate marketing. While another blogger in a similar niche with homogeneous traffic can make more by using both AdSense and affiliate marketing. Typically, a beginner blogger can make around 50K from blogging in Nepal on average.

How much does it cost to start a blog in Nepal in 2024?

To start a blog in Nepal in 2024, you need to spend around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 per year assuming you know all the setup ideas, own a laptop/PC and have a working internet connection. Please don't waste money on cheap hosting providers (you will regret it later). This is from my personal experience.

i.e; Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 for a domain, Rs. 5000 to Rs. 12000 for good hosting, 2500 to 3000 for a premium theme (you can use free themes too).

How do bloggers get paid in Nepal?

Bloggers using Adsense or other similar networks get paid depending upon CPC and CPM. The revenue generated is stored as your AdSense balance and paid later on through bank transfer or western union. While, the affiliate income, sponsored content income, ad space income is paid through mutual agreement between the parties. It is not difficult to get the payment.

Is blogging a good career in Nepal?

Indeed, it is a good career in Nepal. Yet, you need to be consistent and follow the discipline to get to the top earner's list. Many bloggers quit blogging in Nepal because they think it is a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. For others who take it seriously and make it a passionate routine, will definitely succeed in making millions.
Still, confused about how to start? I can help you create a blog for you at a cost of just Rs. 15,000/- including hosting and domain with about page, privacy page, contact page, etc on WordPress with a freemium theme installed for you. Give a call at +977-9842334585

Hope you liked this article. Thank you for reading this long and your time. Happy learning.

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