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Unit 3 Sports Class 12 English | Language Development solutions and exercise

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 a. What does UEFA stand for?

Ans. UEFA stands for the 'Union of European Football Association.'


b. How many teams competed in Euro Cup 2020? 

Ans. 24 teams competed in Euro Cup 2020.


c. Which is your favorite team? Why?

Ans. My favorite team is Italy because I have been impressed by the better judgment of the Goal Keeper Gianluigi Donna Rumma.


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  •  Working with words

A. Many English words are from other languages, such as redemption in the news above comes from the Latin word redimere, a combination of re(d) -, meaning "back," and emere, meaning "buy."

Now, find out the origin and the meaning of the following words from the text.

















Penalty : (noun) Punishment

[Latin - poenalis - pertaining to punishment]


 Major : (adj) greater, more important, leading 

[From latin- 'magious'- large, great]


Stadium : Latin form of the Greek world

['Station' a measure of length; a race course]


Stadium : a sports arena, large roofless building   


Trophy : Greek 'strophe' - stronghold choral ode in classic Greek drama.

French : trophee- a prize of war

[Latin- trophaeum- monument to victory]

[English : A cup or other decorative. object awarded as a prize for a victory or success.]


Defender : (n) person who protects support to someone.

[Latin : defensor, french- defendour one who protects from injury champion.]


Anthem : Song as of praise, devotion or patriotism

[Greek- antiphonos, responsive, against over' and phone or voice.


Dejection: Sad and depressed state low spirt

[Latin- 'deicere' meaning 'throw down' unhappy condition.


Jubilant : Latin jubilantom to shout for a joy.

[Jubilare- to let out whoops] .

[(adj) English - Jubilant- feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.]


Record : (v) latin- recordari- remember call to mind. ressstore re cor heart.

a thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past.   


Suave : (adj0 charming confident    Latin- word- sauve means agreeable.


Podium : Greek- foot, platform.


Tournament : (old french) tornement contest between groups of kinght on horseback.

a sport competition (n)   


Reminiscent : Latin origin. (to talk about old re +minisci - to remember, to think latin - reminiscentem - past experience.)


Incredible : impossible to believe

Latin- incredibilis - not + see in + credibilis worthy or belief.


Savor : (n) old french. Savor - flavor, taste seasoning, delight, pleasure.

(taste or smell of something)


B.    Consult a dictionary and define the following terms related to cricket. 


wicket: two sets of three sticks standing in the ground with pieces of wood lying stump crease boundary sixer googly leg-bye wicket maiden pitch power-play no-ball yorker



One of the three vertical making up a wicket is a way of dismissing a batman in which the wicketkeeper breaks the batsman's wicket with the ball when the batsman is outside their crease but has not attempted a run.



The crease is a certain area demarcated by white lines painted or chalked on the field of play.     



Is the scoring of four or six runs from a single delivery in cricket the boundary is the perimeter of the playing field.



In cricket, a six or sixer is a player that has managed to score six or four runs or six runs during a professional match.



In the game of cricket, a googly refers to a type of delivery bowled by a right arm, leg-spin bowler.



    It is one of the two sets of team's three players stumps can and hit two the bails wicket at either with end of the pitch. The fielding ball in a number of ways to get the batsman out.



When a blower delivers an entire over without the batsman managing to score a run.



 The pitch is a rectangular area of the ground 22 yards/ 20.12 m in length and 10ft./3.05 meters in width.


Power play

    In the final 10 overs 41-50, a maximum of five fielders will be play    allowed to field outside the 30-years circle. A maximum of two fielders are allowed outside a 30-yard circle (27 meters).



a length delivery to a batsman. It is also the extra run awarded to the batting team as a consequence.



 a yorker is a ball bowled that hits the cricket pitch around a batsman's feet when a batsman assumes a normal stance, this generally means that the cricket ball bounces on the cricket pitch on or near the batsman's popping crease.


C. Pronunciation

Divide the following words into two groups in accordance with their pronunciation /al/ and /el/. 

fine, shine, rein, rail, why, sleigh, height, bright, might, snail, break, fake, five, freight, eight, game, claim, friend, sight, white, gait, by, hail, frame

  • Comprehension
  1. State whether the following sentences are True or False or Not Given.
  1. England was the champion of the 1996 World Cup Football. True
  1. Italy bagged its first Euro Cup trophy in the Euro Cup 2020. False
  1. The English team has won more trophies in International Football than Italy. True
  1. According to the captain of the English team, the pain of losing a match has lasting effects. False 
  1. The Italian team was playing in their home ground. False   
  1. The goalkeeper of the Italian team had performed the best than any other player in the match. True


B. Answer the following questions.   

  1. Why does the reporter say that England is waiting to heal its half-century-long pain?

Ans. The reporter says that England is waiting to heal its half-century-longtain because England had not won the final match in 55 years. In Euro cup 2020, England would get the benefit of home ground and supporters. So it would bag the trophy this time as the reporter expected before.


  1. How did the Italian players react as soon as they became the champions?

Ans. Italy's jubilant players handed to the other end of the field and ran as one diving to the ground in front of the Italian fans who had witnessed a rebirth of their national team as they become the champions.


  1. Why did Saka and Sancho cry?

Ans. Saka and Sancho cried because Donna-rumma was mobbed, by his teammates as they sprinted towards him from the halfway line at the end of the second penalty shootout in the European championship final.


  1. Penalty shoot-out has long been a bitter experience for the English team. Why?

Ans. It is because England had lost major tournaments in a penalty shoot-out in the past. 1990, 1996, 1998, 2004, 2006, and 2012 had given heartache results in football tournaments. They had missed the trophy in penalty shootouts.


  1. State the contribution of Roberto Mancini to Italian football.

Ans. Reber to Mancini, their sauve coach who had won an international trophy in his first attempt to add to the country's other European title- in 1968. and its four world cups. He has performed outstanding guidelines to have a trophy is 2020 Eurocup. 


  1. How does the Euro Cup final 2020 remind the audiences of the 2018 World Cup semifinals? How?

Ans. In 2018, England defeated by beating Croatia in penalties in the round of 15 at the 2018 world cup. It was reminiscent of when England also scored early against Croatia when spent most of the game chasing its opponent's midfield before losing in extra time.


  •  Critical thinking   

a. "Every match is a new opportunity. Put its failure behind and start over again." Does this apply to the Italian football team when we analyze their performance from their failure to qualify for World Cup Football to their victory in the European Championship in these four years?


Ans. Yes, every failure is the step of success. it is started from the mistake and error of judgment which adds the next effort for an achievement until four years, Italy plunged to the lowest moment of its soccer history by failing to qualify for the world cup for the first time in six decades.


Failure is a stepping stone to success it is said that if a person fail once, he should not lose heart. He must observe the mistake that lead him to failure and try to overcome them in his next attempt. The repeated effort lead on to success and failure give a better point of view through which we can march to success. It makes us think, it makes learn and explore new routes to achieve goal. It is directly applied to the Italian football team. They gather courage, teamwork, collaboration and do effort by heart and won the European Champion trophy in the 2020 Euro cup.


b. When a team plays in a home Hallipion ground, Does it gets a huge support from the audience in the stadium. Does this support them to win the match or the players may feel pressure to win and thus lose? What do you think?


Ans. The degree to which play at home ground influences a side's performance is continually contented. But it depends on a complete amateur and sportsman's individual performance with teamwork. There are many supporters and always long for win the match. if they lose or don't score goal, they depressed and oppose the host team. They have heavy pressure and come intense and overexcited which may cause fault and have to face many penalties. It may create unfair situation and the possibility of losing the match.


However, it has often proved to be the case that playing at home ground is a distinct disadvantage for a team and its only superior away from that has helped to them to beat the drop. The Euro cup 2020 England had to face overpressure, and overconfidence. But in a penalty shootout the team missed the  goals. In football match simple error of judgment may lead the team to lose the match. In the climax audience, sport person should be patient. Fair play, complete confidence and mature sportsmanship are the essential qualities which we can't see at the last hour in this match. I think, forecasting about match is not implemented in scoring goals.


Whenever the outcome of this debate, what remains clear is that football punter playing at home should never be factor you consider when betting match. There may well be frends and patterns, but these will be likely the case. Only for individual teams rather than applicable across the whole of the premier league.


  • Writing

The following passage does not have any punctuation marks. Punctuate it with appropriate punctuation marks.


A lot of people try to get away from home for a few days, each year for a holiday. There are lots of things to choose from and where you go depends on, how much money you have got to spend ideas; for holidays. Include relaxing on a beach exploring cities and skiing. One man wanted to go to Australia, but thought he'd never have enough money to get there. He will go    to his brother's caravan at the seaside instead a young woman wanted to go clubbing in Ibiza as she'd heard its a lot of fun. 


Write a news story based on the given information. 

Argentina beat Brazil to win Copa America by Reuters


first major title in 28 years

first medal for Lionel Messi in a blue-and-white shirt 

Di Maria goal gave them a 1-0 win over Brazil 

15th Copa America equal to Brazil

Brazil piled on the pressure but they could not get an equalizer

Brazil - more aggressive in the second half   

Argentine defence - outstanding


Ans. RIO DE JANERIO- (Reuters) 

Argentina won their first major title in 28 years on Saturday. Lionel Messi Finally won his first medal in a blue and white shirt. When an Angel Di Maria goal gave them 1-0 win over Brazil and a record equalling 15mn Copa America.


Di Maria, Starting just the second time in the Copa, justified his selection by scoring the opener midway through the first half Brazil pild on the pressure in an exciting second half but even with five strikers on the field they couldn't get an equalizer against an Argentine defense protected by the outstanding Rodrigo De Paul.


" First we have to congratulate our opponents specially for the first half when they neutra lised us" siad Brazilian defender Thiago Silva. 


C. We can see many countries competing to host the great international sport events like the World Cup Football. But, there are arguments that hosting an event like World Cup Football can have more problems than benefits. What do you think? Write your arguments in favor or against hosting an international sport event in about 500 words.


Ans. Arguments in favor or against hosting an international sport event in about 500words.


The first and foremost advantages of hosting international sport events is that the host country becomes the center of attention and these events brings prestige and honor of the country. Secondly, although these events consumes too much money to be organized, the host country, in fact can generate their revenue by opening tourists visa for sports lovers wich an engender government income by the means of tourism.


The infrastructure that is improved to cater for sports people would also contribute to the nation's prosperity. Sport person can have chances to learn different skills, techniques and tricks in different tournaments. They can share their identify, culture tradition and valued etique. hes with guest and host country. 


On the other hand the host countries have to spend a huge deal to money to plan these events. The money is expended in the form of constitution of the infrastructure of the country cater the needs of the athletes or sports people. These apart, in-order to build stadium and arenas governments have to invest millions dollars which can be better spend. On other more significants sectors such as health sector and education. Which incur prosperity for the host country. In addition to this the host government compromise with facilities to be provided to its citizens. On many occasion these nations have to face financial insolvency due to huge expenditures on support events. Apparently these arrange ments entail a number of concerns.


Hosting international sports can be beneficial to the countries. Hosting sports event could secure inflows of foreign capital, generate employment and make people want to spend money. But it is guaranteed that hosting an international sport event will bring about great costs, countries and cities willing to take the initiative to give a platform to the world must always find a way to create sustainable strategies that will save them from drowning in debt.


Conclusion should be at the end


To conclude, it is evident that are both advantages and disadvantages in hosting sports events. However, the advantages largely out weight the demerits.


  • Grammar 

Determiners and quantifiers


 A. Observe the following examples.

  1. People have unethical justifications for all their actions.
  1. Americans throw away around 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.
  1. Around 2 billion litres of human and industrial wastes are dumped into it each day.
  1. All of these create the illusion of complete pleasure at our fingertips, with none of the hassles of pain.
  1. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the whole ocean does not become dirty.


 The words in boldface in the examples above are called determiners and quantifiers. We use determiners to identify things (the book) and we use quantifiers to say how much or how many (a few drops). The following table shows the determiners and quantifiers in English. 


Definite article: the
Indefinite articles: a/an
Possessives: my, your, his, her, our, their, its
Demonstratives: this, that, these, those
Interrogatives: which, what
Any, all, many, much, most, some, a few, a lot of, a little, none, and the cardinal numbers (one, two, three), etc.


B. Complete the following sentences with much, many, few or little.

  1. He is an introvert. He has got very few friends.
  2. I am busy in preparing my examinations. I have very little time to give to you.
  3. The entire winter season was dry this year. We had a little rain.
  4. Our town has almost been modernized. There are ten old buildings left.
  5. You can come today. I haven't got much to do.
  6. The party was crowded. There were too many people.
  7. How many photographs did you take while you were in Switzerland?
  8. There was few traffic so I came in time.
  9. Can I borrow few books from you?
  10. Mohan can't be a good teacher. He has less patience.


C.Put each or every in the following sentences.   

  1. The party split into three factions, each faction headed by a former prime minister.
  2. Leap years occur every four years.   
  3. Every parent worries about their children.
  4. We had a great time in Singapore. We enjoyed every minute of our time.
  5. I could catch the main idea of his speech but I didn't understand each of his words.
  6. In Nepal, every motorcycle rider should wear a helmet.
  7. You must read each of these books for the exam.


D.Rewrite the following sentences using all of, most of, none of, both of or some of.

  1. Your garden is superb. All of the flowers are beautiful.
  2. Do you know Bharat and Kamal? Of course, I do both of them are my friends.
  3. I bought a box of apples thinking it would be cheaper but I was mistaken. most of them were rotten.
  4. When I was in the town, I asked some people for directions but none of them were able to help me. I had to call my friend.
  5. We all were soaked in the rain because none of us had carried an umbrella.
  6. My father is healthy in his seventies but he feels isolated because all of his friends are dead now.
  7. All of the tourists are not Chinese most of them are Korean too.


E. Choose the best word from the brackets to complete the sentences.

  1. Give me the money I owe you. (which/the/a/an)
  2. I want the boat which would take me to the island. (the/an/those/a)
  3. Could you pour me some water, please? (many/few/these/some)
  4. Only a few. employees know how important the project was. (a few/a little/little/few)
  5. He was looking for an umbrella. (an/a/those/these)
  6. A large amount of water was evaporated due to excessive heat. (A large number of/ A lot of/ A large amount of/Many)

  • Project work

Draft a set of questions that you want to ask to a famous player (international, national, regional). Visit him/her and take an interview with the help of the questions. Prepare a news article including his/her struggle and achievement.




  1. What made you to enter in the cricket field ?
  2. Who inspired you the most ?
  3. What is your opinion about Nepalese cricket team ?
  4. What qualities that a sport person should have ?
  5. Which aspect of cricket do you prefer batting bowling or fielding ? 
  6. What suggestion do you wanna give to the present society ?


An interview

Interviewer : What made you to enter in the cricket field ?


Cricketer :  In my childhood I used to throw that ball an hit something when it stumped I felt excited. But I didn't know about cricket I have learnt cricket through TV. When I learnt I have interested on it.


Interviewer : Who inspired you the most ?   


Cricketer : I am very much inspired by the Tendulkar's power play and scoring sixes in peak hour.


Interviewer :    What is your opinion about Nepal cricket team ?   


Cricketer : Nepalese cricket team becomes very talented now a days. At least 10 years from this team has to be gradually go into a shape. But it need so much hard work to win the international matches.


Interviewer : What qualities that a sport person should have ?


Cricketer : I think a good sport person should have self confidence, team work, good time management passion for sports, courage and self confidence. And also should have won the heart of the audiences as well. 


Interviewer : Which aspect of cricket do you prefer ? Batting, bowling or fielding ? 


Cricketer : I love batting more when I playing myself but that's only because. I am not an expert bowler. But there should be co-relation with batting and bowling, we have to judge the ball while bowling specially batsman lead the team and wicket.


Interviewer : What suggestion do you wanna give to the present society ?


Cricketer : I guess my only advice is that anyone who wants to be an athletes should be determined on doing so. Its very important to think before you and take what you do seriously. Social ethics should win the enthusiasm of sport person. it should inspire the sport person. But sport person never forget the social sill and should have create the fun in matches.


Interviewer : Thank you for giving us precious time . 


Cricketer : Thank you !


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