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Soft Storm Summary and Exercise | Class 12 English Notes | NEB

Soft Storm by Prof. Dr. Abhi Subedi Summary and Exercise | Class 12 English Notes | NEB


 Before reading

Answer the following questions.

a. Have you ever grown sad/happy observing things around you?

 Ans. Yes, sometimes I grow happy or sad observing things around me.

b.Point out three things you are not happy about within your surroundings.

Ans. The pollution, wrong deeds and decreasing human value are the three things that don’t make me happy within my surrounding.

  • Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a.When does the speaker grow soft? Enlist the occasions when he grows soft.

Ans. The speaker grows soft after the tumultuous storm was beginning to lose some of its fury, also characterized by mental or emotional agitation. The occasions which he grows soft are:

  1. After he heard the tumult.
  2. When the sky grew like crocuses.
  3. When the moon skidded down.
  4. When the homeless children in Thamel cried with hunger.
  5. When the returned from the melee and so on.

b.What do you understand by ‘this seamless city’?

Ans. The term “this seamless city” refers to the problemless city of the past. The whole idea is that you should never have a place in your city where you cross a seam, whether that seam is a railroad track or a neighborhood boundary.

c.Describe the poor children portrayed in the poem.

Ans. The poet gives the references of homeless children in Thamel who are crying for hunger. The poor child portrayed in the poem is a general definition of poverty.

d.What do you understand by ‘the unwedded gardens of history’?

Ans. The term unwedded garden of history refers to the social prosperity of the past where the gardens were not hampered by the man kind.

e.Why was the forlorn child wailing?

Ans. The forlorn child was waiting to find his mother in the corridors of the violent history.

f.What do you understand by ‘soft storm’?

Ans. Soft storm as per my conception means as being connected to the feeling of safety and warmth. Companying soft storm to the real life is encompassing all of the main ideas so mounding storms and cold weather with emotional aesthetic and nostalgic feeling of being safe.

g.Why does the speaker call our time ‘mad time’?

Ans. The speaker calls our time “mad time” because the speaker ventures into a realm of space where the mad can see the autochthonous duties through the working of their inner consciousness. Their visions are more surreal than ordinary human beings.

h.What does the speaker want to do in “hard times”?

Ans. The speaker wants to focus the things on within your control and be acceptable change by looking to the past, and do not withdraw in tough times during the hard times.

  • Reference to the context

a.The poet uses the word ‘soft’ with the words like ‘storm’ and ‘gale’, which generally refer to disorder and violence. What effect does the poet achieve through the use of such anomalous expressions?

Ans. The poet uses the word ‘saft’ with the words like ‘storm’ and ‘gale’, which generally refers to disorder and violence. The poet achieve a factor of sensible through using out such anomalous expressions. The readers would create a sort of imaginations in their head while reading the poem.

b.What is the speaker’s attitude towards the time he describes in the poem?

Ans. The speaker attitude towards the time he described in the poem is nostalgic and full of hope and memories through love, one can surpass the dominion of time.

c.What is the speaker like? Is he a rebel? Why? Why not?

Ans. As per the given poem “Soft strom”, Ges, the speaker is a rebel. A rebel is someone who refuses to do things in a normal way, or in the way that other people want them to do. the poem explains all that a rebel does in this. The rebel is a young child who does everything different from others to stand out of a crowd.

d.Explain the stanza below in your own words:

I became soft 

when I saw

a blood-stained shirt 

speaking in the earth’s ears 

with bruised human lips

in the far corner 

under the moon 

of history and dreams 

playing hide and seek

in open museums 

of human times.

Ans. According to the given stanza, it means that the feeling which is developed with a touch of compassion in the speaker, which contemplates over the absurdities to tumultuous times.

  •  Reference beyond the text

a. Write an essay, highlighting your dissatisfaction towards social, cultural, economic and political issues prevailing in Nepal at present.

Ans. Nepal is blessed with a unique diversity of natural beauty and cultural varieties that occupies social place in both Hindu and Buddist tradition. But due to some social. cultural, economic and political issue, Nepal is being backward in various dimension.

Poverty, Hunger, unemployment, corruption, Illiteracy, Rape, Gender discrimination, Girl Trafficking etc. are the most common social issues in Nepal at present time. The most common social issue in Nepal at present time. Now a day many cultural issues are also being popular in Nepali society. In the context of Nepal, political unstability is the major problem/challange for the development of Nepal.

Nepali peoples are living with constant struggle to accumulate some insulation tuin from the hardship and arbitrariness of life. They attend with a challenging landscape of hills, high mountains and plains threatened by dangerous rivers, capricious weather an immutable bureaucracy and treacherous politics. It often takes just a little things to tip the balance against survival. 

Like most Nepalese and other foreigners long engaged with the country. I have no appetite at this time to be critical, Particularly of a legitimately elected government.

b.Suppose you are a rebel, who wants to change the society by eliminating malpractices and anomalies prevailing in the society. Draft a speech outlining your vision for change.

Ans. Social meaning society, science meaning knowing about the society or our relation with it. We were small cells of society have a great part to contribute towards it. Many of us usually think about what will society think of I do something which is wrong in the eyes of others. Our society is suffering from different malpractices social problems and anomalies. Among which, Illetracy, gender and cast discrimination, poverty and Hunger, corruption, Rape etc. are the most. These type of practices or social problems or anomalies should be removed anyhow. We have to change our society in our live as more as we can.

To remove such anomalies or problems from our society every should be stand to together and put hand over hand. Commercialization, increasing division of labour, growth of production, bureaucratication, growth of technology and science, secularization, urbanization, speed of literacy, increasing geographic and social mobility etc. will change the society. So, to overcome such problems/ malpractices/ anomalies and to change the society, we all need to be together. As a rebel I will do following things.

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