Technology Exercise: NEB Class 12 English


Technology Exercise: Question Answers and Grammar

Working with words

A. Choose the correct words from the box to complete the following sentences.

a. I think that covering up the facts is equivalent to lying really.
b. If there is not a substantial move to public transport, we will have deceleration and the whole regeneration will not work.
c. Each new leader would blame his predecessor for all the evils of the past.
d. We have, in fact, envisioned a better world and have made it happen.
e. The main linear actuators of the pneumatic systems are cylinders.
f. The barrel was short and the bullet emerged at subsonic speed.
g. The city is said to receive two-fifths of the total freight delivered in the country.
h. It would still take four hours to get down, in a spiral of gridlock.
i. Apparently, the magician will be doing some levitation on the stage tomorrow.
j. We might be experiencing some turbulence on this flight due to an approaching electrical storm.

B. Add three more words that are formed with the following prefixes.

a. hyper

hyperloop, hypersensitive, hyperlipidemia, hyperinflation.
b. ultra

ultrahigh, ultralight, ultrashort, ultrabasic, ultrafiche.
c. up

uphill, Upwork, upside, uplift
d. over

overcoming, overwhelm, overdrunk, oversized
e. multi

multibillion, multinational, multicultural, multiply

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Comprehension Section

Answer the following questions.

a. What is a hyperloop? How does it work?

The Hyperloop is a planned train capable of traveling at incredible speeds. It's fast because it's contained in a tube with no air inside. There will be no friction to slow the train down as a result of the lack of air.

b. How is hyperloop more beneficial than the traditional trains?

Hyperloop is far more advantageous and superior to traditional or high-speed rail. It is less expensive and uses less energy because the track does not have to constantly supply electricity to the pods, and because the pods can depart every 30 seconds, it is more like a demand-based service.

c. Does hyperloop have a successful history? How?

No, it does not have a successful track record because the original concept for the hyperloop was to transport mail and parcels between buildings using wagons and pneumatic tubes.

d. Write the contributions of Robert Goddard and Elon Musk for the development of hyperloop.

Elon Musk, who started Space X and Tesla, came up with the hyperloop to provide high-speed transportation between cities. In addition to cars, planes, boats, and trains, Elon wants to create a "fifth mode" of transportation that uses travel pods inside steel tubes. With his 'Hyperloop Alpha' paper in August 2013, he reignited interest in the concept of the hyperloop.

The 'vactrain' concept, developed by Robert Goddard in the early twentieth century, is clearly a forerunner of the hyperloop. A slew of similar ideas has since been proposed.

e. What relation does speed have with air resistance? Explain.

More Air resistance slows down a moving body's speed and vice versa. Because the Hyperloop will travel through vacuum tubes, the speed will be greatly increased due to the lack of air resistance.

f. What are hyperloop capsules compared with? How are they similar?

Because Hyperloop and Boeing 747 both accelerate at the same rate, Hyperloop capsules are compared to Boeing 747.

g. How do the passengers feel while travelling via hyperloop? What will be done to make it luxurious?

Passengers in a hyperloop experience similar to that of a lift or a passenger aircraft. The cabin has beautiful scenery and each passenger has access to his or her own private amusement systems, allowing for a comfortable journey.

h. Why does the writer doubt about the success of hyperloop? What does the success depend on?

How well Hyperloop works will depend on where it goes, where it stops, and how well the local economy is doing. The author is concerned about the viability of the hyperloop due to the massive multibillion-dollar investment and the fact that the projects are still in the pilot and experimental phases. Previously, Nikola Tesla and Elon Musk had closed the same concept program due to a lack of response from government authorities.

Critical Thinking Section

a. Is the hyperloop the future of transportation or just a dream? What do you think? Justify your opinion with suitable reasons.

Hyperloop is a concept for a transportation system in which people get into pods and are shot through vacuum tubes at speeds faster than sound. The goal of Hyperloop is not only to be fast but also to be environmentally friendly. However, the concept of the Hyperloop is not new.

Pneumatic tubes for parcel, mail and money transfers became popular in the nineteenth century and are still used today in supermarkets, postal sorting stations, and banks.

The Hyperloop concept is similar to pneumatic mail delivery systems. Even flying seemed impossible in the past, but we now take flights on a regular basis. So no one can say it's not possible because everything that was once a dream is now a reality. Finally, we can see that Hyperloop may become the future of global transportation systems. Even if this does not become a reality for decades, it will have a huge impact on the lives of ordinary people.

Aside from convenience and environmental impact, we can also hope for economic success. Despite the enormous promise, new technologies take time, and it will be some time before we can travel in a pod inside a sealed tube with a sound no louder than a gentle 'SWOOSH.'

b. The number of private vehicles is increasing day by day in Nepal beyond the capacity of our infrastructure. What do you think should be done to curb the ever-growing number of private vehicles? Discuss.

The infrastructure in Nepal cannot keep up with the increasing number of private cars, and the number of cars is increasing faster than the infrastructure can keep up. The number of Nepalese who own personal automobiles is steadily rising.

Despite the fact that it makes their lives easier, it is causing significant environmental damage. Private vehicles should be banned because their widespread use hurts the environment and increases dangerous gas emissions, which will cause big problems in the future. To keep this critical situation under control, some precautions had to be taken.

The best approach is to discourage people from purchasing automobiles. This can be accomplished effectively by raising car tolls and developing a system of progressive car taxation. The system could have an upper limit on the number of cars owned per family, and the tax rate on each car could be raised as the number of cars purchased increased.

But these efforts will be useless if they aren't paired with steps to improve Nepal's terrible public transportation system in order to get more people to use it. More buses should run during rush hour, and buses should be made more comfortable (by using better cushions, air conditioning, and better suspension, for example). The punctuality and dependability of public transportation systems must be maintained.

When maintaining bus and train stations, cleanliness and hygiene must be prioritized. The approaches outlined above must be supplemented with efforts to dispel the myth that taking public transportation is despicable. The most effective weapon against this is to make public transportation as dignified and pleasant as possible.

Grammar Section

B. Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

a. The invitation is for one person. I don’t mind whether you or she (come) to the party.

The invitation is for one person. I don’t mind whether you or she comes to the party.

b. Neither the MPs nor the Prime Minister (have) felt regret for the party split.

Neither the MPs nor the Prime Minister has felt regret for the party split.

c. I don’t care whether he or she (win) the lottery.

I don’t care whether he or she wins the lottery.

d. Either the Kantipur or the Republica (be) used for the advertisement.

Either the Kantipur or the Republica is used for the advertisement.

e. She speaks in a strange accent. Neither I nor my sister (understand) her.

She speaks with a strange accent. Neither my sister nor I understand her.

f. I forgot whether the singers or the actress (be) given the Film Fair Award last year.

I forgot whether the singer or the actress was given the Film Fair Award last year.

g. Neither the tracksuit nor the pajamas (fit) me perfectly.

Neither the tracksuit nor the pajamas fit me perfectly.

h. Neither the gas fire nor the electric heaters (be) suitable for room heating.

Neither the gas fire nor the electric heaters are suitable for room heating.

C. This passage contains the agreement errors. Correct the subjects or verbs that don’t agree with each other. Remember to use present tense in your corrections.

Corrected Passage:
Rob and his family frequently moved from city to city within the state of Arizona. As he did not have a car, one of his first tasks upon arrival was to find an apartment close to work. Typically, he has many options to choose from, and he considers cost, location, and luxury. If one apartment has a washer and dryer and costs $400 per month, he prefers to rent it over another apartment that costs significantly less and is located two blocks from a Laundromat. Rob's family never wanted to live on the thirteenth floor because they are all afraid of heights. He also attempted to find an apartment with a landlord who had been recommended by previous tenants. Everyone understands the importance of finding a trustworthy landlord. Rob and his wife enjoy cooking together when they have time, so they require a large, well-equipped kitchen. Because Arizona has so many hot days and nights, Rob frequently looks for a place with an air conditioner. When Rob finds a new apartment, all of his worries vanish. He felt relieved and dialed his mother's number. Someone is aware!


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