Download SEE Exam Routine 2080/81 B.S | 2024 A.D [Updated New Routine]


SEE Exam Routine 2080/81 B.S or 2024 A.D

SEE Exam routine 2080 has been published by the Examination Board of Nepal. SEE Exam is scheduled to start from Chaitra-15, 2080. National Examination Board (NEB), Office of the controller of the examination, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, is responsible for publishing the SEE routine 2024 or SEE routine 2080/81 B.S for the students who were in class 10 in 2079 B.S. The SEE examination board planned to conduct the SEE examination from the third week of Chaitra, 2080 B.S, and accordingly, the SEE routine has already been published to start from Chaitra 15, 2080.

The National Examination Board (NEB), Office of the Controller of Examinations, of the Government of Nepal, has published the examination schedule for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE), Grade 10. The exam will begin on Chaitra 15, 2080, and conclude on Chaitra 27, 2080.

Time of examination: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Read further on how to download the SEE Routine.

After successfully completing the SEE examination, the students shall be promoted to grade 11. In contrast to the practices of the previous two years when the students were literally promoted to grade 11 through internal evaluation of the students due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year too, like the last year, the Examination Controller office has planned to conduct the physical examination at the respective schools and the routine of SEE Examination 2080/81 B.S has been made public as NEB publishes the routine.

The National Examination Board is prepared to start the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) exam 2080/81 from Chaitra 15 and the Class 12 Board examination schedule/routine after that.

What is SEE Examination?

SEE stands for Secondary Education Examination. It is the final examination students take in Nepal at the end of their secondary education, typically at the age of 16 or 17. The examination is conducted by the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) under the Ministry of Education. The SEE examination is also known as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC). It is a comprehensive examination that tests students' knowledge and skills in various subjects such as Nepali, English, mathematics, science, and social studies, and optional subjects such as computer science, health, population and environment, and optional languages. The examination is usually held in March or April every year, and the results are usually announced in June or July. The SEE examination is a critical examination that determines a student's eligibility for higher education and the type of college or university a student can attend.

The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is given in Nepal as a standardized test to assess the knowledge and skills of students who have completed their secondary education. The examination is conducted by the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), which is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. The SEE is a mandatory examination for students in Nepal and is usually taken at the end of grade 10. The examination measures the student's knowledge in various subjects such as Nepali, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, and Population Education (HPPE). The results of the examination determine whether students will be able to enroll in higher secondary education or not. The SEE examination is considered one of the most essential examinations in Nepal as it paves the way for students to pursue higher education and career opportunities.

The board is preparing to use last year's answer book this year. The board had already delivered the answer scripts to all the district centers, board offices, and state offices. The answer scripts have been kept in the concerned bodies after the examination was postponed at the last moment. Some schools have said that the answer sheets were used in class 11 and 12 examinations. The board has demanded a record of all the answer scripts.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology had decided to conduct the examination through internal assessment by amending the education regulations last year, stating that the risk of Covid-19 infection has not decreased.

SEE Class 10 Exam Routine Date 2080/81 or 2024 A.D (Nepal) (UPDATED)

Here is the updated routine of SEE 2080/81 B.S. View it or download it from the links given below.

The following table shows the latest SEE Routine 2080-2024 (UPDATED) Exam Date and Time for Nepal Class 10).

SEE Routine 2080 of Regular Subjects


Nep Date


28th March 2024

Chaitra 15, 2080

Compulsory English

29th March 2024

Chaitra 16, 2080

Compulsory Nepali

31th March 2024

Chaitra 18, 2080

Compulsory Mathematics

2nd April 2024

Chaitra 20, 2080

Compulsory Science & Technology

3rd April 2024

Chaitra 21, 2080

Compulsory Social Studies

4th April 2024

Chaitra 22, 2080

Optional First All Subjects

5th April 2024

Chaitra 23, 2080

Optional Second All Subjects

SEE Routine 2080 of all subjects

Exam Date


2080 Chaitra 15, Thursday

Compulsory English (Regular & Increment)

Ved Vidhyashram: Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature / Compulsory English

Madarasa: Compulsory Arabic Language / Compulsory English

Grade Improvement: Compulsory English / Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature (Ved Vidhyashram)

2080 Chaitra 16, Friday

Compulsory Nepali

Elective English (for Non-Nepali Students)

2080 Chaitra 18, Sunday

Compulsory Mathematics (Regular & Increment)

2080 Chaitra 20, Tuesday

Compulsory Science & Technology

Ved Vidhyashram: Shukla Yajurveda / Samaveda / Rig Ved / Atharvaveda / Ethics / Compulsory Science and Technology

Madarasa: Sirat and Islamic / Compulsory Science and Technology
Grade Increment:  Compulsory Science, Compulsory Sanskrit Grammer & Translation (Ved Vidhyashram)

2080 Chaitra 21, Wednesday

Grade Improvement: Farm Management and Marketing / Engineering Drawing / Computer Repair and Maintenance (Technical)

Technical: Compulsory Social Studies / Optional Mathematics

Ved Vidhyashram: Sanskrit Language and Grammar

Grade Improvement: Farm Management and Marketing, Engineering Drawing, Computer Repair and Maintenance (Technical)

2080 Chaitra 22, Thursday

Regular & Ved Vidhyashram: Optional First Paper All Subjects (Regular & Grade Increment)

Technical: Animal Health, Industrial Agriculture and Fish Culture, Data Science and OOP Concept using C++, Building Construction and Drawing, Electrical Machine, Classical Music

Grade Improvement: Ved or Ethics (for Ved Vidhyashram) / Optional Mathematics (for Technical)

2080 Chaitra 23, Friday

Regular & Ved Vidhyashram: Optional Second Paper All Subjects (Regular and Grade Increase)

Technical: Dairy Product Technology, Food Crop Production, Computer Hardware, Electronics Repair and Maintenance, Highway Engineering, Basic Electronics, Nepali Folk Music

Grade Improvement: Agriculture and Fisheries, Electrical Management and Instrument, Computer Network, Engineering Surveying (Technical),
Second Optional Paper All Subjects (Ved Vidhyashram )

2080 Chaitra 24, Saturday

Technical (Regular): Veterinary Laboratory Technology, Horticulture Crop Production, Data Based Management System, Engineering Surveying, Industrial Installation and Maintenance, Western Music
Grade Improvement: Vegetable and Medicinal Plant Production, Dairy and Dairy Products, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Database Management System, Building Construction

2080 Chaitra 25, Sunday

Technical (Regular): Agriculture and Fisheries, Floriculture and Nursery Production, Digital Design and Microprocessor, Estimating, Costing and Supervision, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Optional Subject (Singing / Musical Instrument / Dance)
Grade Improvement: Crop Production, Small Ruminant Production and Management, Electronic device and Circuit, Water Resources Engineering

2080 Chaitra 26, Monday

Grade Improvement: Floriculture and Nursery Management / Veterinary Laboratory Techniques / Industrial Installation and Maintenance / Object-Oriented Programming / Estimating Costing and Supervision

2080 Chaitra 27, Tuesday

Grade Improvement: Floriculture and Nursery Management, Veterinary Laboratory Techniques, Industrial Installation and Maintenance, Object-Oriented Programming, Estimating Costing and Supervision

SEE Routine 2080-81/ 2024 Images

SEE Routine 2080-81-2024

SEE Routine 2080 NEB Notice


How to Download SEE Routine 2080/81 or SEE Routine 2024 in Nepal?

The SEE exam routine in Nepal is published by the Office of the controller of examinations in 2080, and the SEE appearing students can download the SEE routine 2080/81 from the official website of NEB. You can also download the routine of SEE 2080 from Click the download option below for your SEE Examination Routine 2080 B.S/ 2024 A.D in Nepal.

The routine is in PDF format. Just click on download and open it using a pdf file opener to access the routine of SEE 2080/81 or SEE Routine of 2024 A.D.

If you need the Image version of the SEE routine 2080/81 B.S., then you can click the link below to get the image version of the routine. You can use any image file viewer to see the SEE routine.

For any queries regarding the SEE exam routine in Nepal, 2080/81, you can go through the following contact and get your queries solved:

NEB official website:
Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE)
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Bagmati Province, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-6630739, 6630819, 6630070

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