Nepal Army New Salary Scale 2081 Shrawan 1 [Updated info]

Nepal Army New Salary Scale from 2081 Shrawan 1

The Nepal Army plays a vital role in ensuring the security and sovereignty of Nepal. As part of their commitment to the brave soldiers serving the nation, the government has introduced a new salary scale for the Nepal Army, effective from the start of 2081 B.S. This new salary scale comes as a result of the budget announcement for the fiscal year 2081/2082 B.S, which included provisions for salary increments for government employees across various sectors.


Please note that this salary scale was decided during the budget of 2079/80 B.S. In the latest budget of 2080/81 B.S., there has not been a single change in the salary scale of government employees in Nepal. However, there is a possibility of a salary increment by a flat Rs. 5000 this year. These salary scales still apply to the current fiscal year 2080/81 B.S. in Nepal. Please wait until Shrawan 1-2081 BS

The Ministry of Finance has diligently prepared the revised salary structure, taking into account the welfare and financial stability of the Nepal Army personnel. The Council of Ministers has subsequently approved this new salary scale, ensuring that the soldiers are duly rewarded for their dedication and service.

Under the new salary scale, the highest-ranking officer in the Nepal Army, the Maharathi (Commander-in-Chief), will receive a salary equivalent to that of the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal. This signifies the importance and significance attached to the role of the Nepal Army in safeguarding the nation’s security.

Nepal Army Salary Scale 2080/2081 B.S

As per the approved salary structure, the salary of the Nepal Army Chief has been set at 77,211 rupees. This significant increase in salary is a testament to the government’s commitment to valuing the contributions and sacrifices made by the soldiers in upholding the nation’s sovereignty.

At the other end of the scale, the lowest-ranking employees in the army, known as followers at the first level, will receive a starting salary of 21,480 rupees, along with a grade level of 2. This ensures that even the entry-level positions in the Nepal Army are compensated fairly, motivating individuals to excel and progress within their military careers.

Nepal Army Salary Scale 2080/2081 B.S Table

RankNepali RankBasic Salary (NPR)
COAS Generalमहारथी (प्रधानसेनापती)Npr.  77,211
Lieutenant generalरथीNpr.  74,221
Major GeneralउपरथीNpr.  72,082
Brigadier Generalसहायक रथीNpr.  60,950
ColonelमहासेनानीNpr.  56,787
Lieutenant Colonelप्रमुख सेनानीNpr.  52,279
MajorसेनानीNpr.  48,737
Captainसह सेनानीNpr.  47,208
Lieutenantउप सेनानीNpr.  45,103
Honourable Lieutenantमानार्थ उप सेनानीNpr.  43,689
Second Lieutenantसहायक सेनानीNpr.  43,275
Officer Cadetउप सेनानीNpr.  42,389
Subedar Majorप्रमुख सुवेदार40,998
Warrant Officer First Classसुवेदार34,730
Warrant Officer Second Classजमदार32,853
Lance Corporalप्यूठ26,634
Non-combatantनन कम्बानेन्ट24,702

The Nepal Army follows a well-defined ranking system to ensure effective command and organization within its forces. Each rank carries specific responsibilities and duties, with corresponding salaries to compensate the soldiers accordingly. At the pinnacle of the rank structure is the COAS General, known as the “महारथी (प्रधानसेनापती),” with a basic salary of NPR 77,211. From Lieutenant Generals (रथी) to Major Generals (उपरथी), each rank plays a crucial role in managing and directing the army’s operations, with salaries ranging from NPR 74,221 to NPR 72,082.

The Brigadier Generals (सहायक रथी) hold key leadership positions and receive a basic salary of NPR 60,950, while Colonels (महासेनानी) and Lieutenant Colonels (प्रमुख सेनानी) are entrusted with commanding specific units, with salaries of NPR 56,787 and NPR 52,279, respectively. Majors (सेनानी) and Captains (सह सेनानी) contribute to the army’s ground operations, earning salaries of NPR 48,737 and NPR 47,208, respectively.

Lieutenants (उप सेनानी) receive a basic salary of NPR 45,103, while Honourable Lieutenants (मानार्थ उप सेनानी) are recognized for their distinguished service and compensated with a salary of NPR 43,689. Second Lieutenants (सहायक सेनानी) have an entry-level position with a salary of NPR 43,275. The salary scale extends further to include Officer Cadets, Subedar Majors, Warrant Officers, Sergeants, Corporals, Lance Corporals, Privates, Recruits, and Non-combatants, each with their respective roles and salaries.

It is noteworthy that the salary scale for the Nepal Army has been designed to align with the overall salary scale of the government employees in Nepal. The government’s decision to increase the salary of all government employees by 15% has had a positive impact on the salaries of security agency personnel as well, including those serving in the Nepal Army.

The revised salary scale for the Nepal Army not only recognizes the soldiers’ dedication and commitment to serving the nation but also aims to provide them with financial security and stability. This ensures that they can carry out their duties effectively, without having to worry about their financial well-being.

Nepal Army New Salary Scale 2080/2081 B.S Updated info


The Nepal Army holds a special place in the hearts of the Nepali people, and this new salary scale reflects the government’s acknowledgment of their invaluable contributions. It is a testament to the government’s efforts to enhance the living standards of its soldiers, motivating them to continue their exceptional service to the nation.

In conclusion, the introduction of the new salary scale for the Nepal Army from 2080 Shrawan 1 is a significant development in recognizing the contributions and sacrifices made by the soldiers. The revised salary structure not only reflects the importance attached to the Nepal Army’s role in national security but also ensures that the soldiers are adequately compensated for their service. This new salary scale, in line with the government’s commitment to overall salary increments, will undoubtedly boost the morale of the Nepal Army personnel and enable them to carry out their duties with even greater dedication and fervor.


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