New Salary Scale in Nepal 2081/82 Shrawan 1 [Updated Info]

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government Employees From 2081 Shrawan 1

The eagerly awaited new salary scale for Nepal’s government employees has been officially announced. This revised salary scale will be applicable to civil servants at various levels, including federal government employees, provincial government employees, and local government employees. Additionally, it will also cover employees of the Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Nepal Armed Police Force (APF), Health Service, Parliament Service, and teachers in community schools.

new salary scale of government employees in nepal

Please note that this salary scale was decided during the budget of 2079/80 B.S. In the latest budget of 2080/81 B.S., there has not been a single change in the salary scale of government employees in Nepal. However, there is a possibility of a salary increment by a flat Rs. 5000 this year. These salary scales still apply to the current fiscal year 2080/81 B.S. in Nepal. Please wait until Shrawan 1-2081 BS

The proposal for the new salary scale was initially put forth by the pay commission of Nepal. Their recommendation included a significant increase in the salary rates for gazetted civil servants in the federal government, based on the hierarchy of their respective posts. However, due to a strike organized by non-gazetted civil servants, the proposal was not approved at the time.

After much anticipation, the Ministry of Finance has finally approved the new salary scale for all government employees in accordance with the budget announcement. Under this new scale, there will be a 15% increase in the salary for all posts, starting from the basic salary. Furthermore, the grade rates will also be adjusted to align with the new basic salary scales.

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2080/81

At the highest level, the basic salary for the Chief Secretary, the topmost post for federal civil servants, will now be Rs. 77,211/-. Similarly, the popular post of Sakha Adhikrit will have a salary scale of Rs. 43,689/-.

All other posts across different services will also witness a 15% increase in their respective basic salary scales compared to the previous scale as per the budget announcement. The detailed information regarding the basic salary scales and corresponding grade numbers and rates for all posts are outlined below:

Nepal Government Employee Salary Scale – 2080/2081 B.S.

  • Chief Secretary (Mukhya Sachiv): Basic Salary – Rs. 77,211/-
  • Secretary (Sachiv): Basic Salary – Rs. 72,820/-
  • Joint Secretary (Sahayak Sachiv): Basic Salary – Rs. 56,787/-
  • Undersecretary (Upa Sachiv): Basic Salary – Rs. 48,737/-
  • Officer (Adhikrit): Basic Salary – Rs. 43,689/-
  • Nayab Subba: Basic Salary – Rs. 34,730/-
  • Kharidar: Basic Salary – Rs. 32,902/-

Please be aware that the salaries listed are the starting pay scale without the grades. At the Council of Ministers meeting on Shrawan 26, 2079 it was decided to raise the salary by 15%. This choice is consistent with the budget speech of fiscal year 2080/81 B.S, which stated that government employees would receive the same pay scale this year too. When considering their hierarchical positions, the Ministry of Finance initially prepared a proposal to raise the salary for officers and above by 24%. However, the Nayab Subbas started a movement against this proposal and opposed it.


The new pay scale will be put into place beginning with Shrawan first in the year 2080. It is anticipated to relieve government workers’ burdens and raise their standard of living. The updated pay scale will also help the public sector develop a more motivated and competitive workforce.

Let’s take a closer look at the revised basic salary scales and grade rates for various posts:











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