Ageing process being complex Ageing process being complex

Ageing process being complex

The aging process is becoming complex in a developing country. How?

Ageing process being complex

The natural process of changing into old age is simply known as aging. Most of the people nowadays are educated. They have adopted healthy habits. Most of the people are in the access to health service services. They also eat a healthy and balanced diet.

They get into different physical exercise. So, the population of old age is increasing. As a result, there is a great challenge to manage them and make them happy. The government should allocate a large amount of budget for social security's, pensions, social protection, support, etc. It is also difficult for a developing country to provide them health services and different medicines for free.

There can be a lack of consideration of older people in humanitarian response during the time of emergency and conflict. They are dependent groups. Then, in developing countries like Nepal, there is a lack of job opportunities. So, self-dependent groups can't look after them because of poverty. Therefore, the aging process is becoming complex in developing countries.

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